Umbagog Lake nautical chart

The marine chart shows depth and hydrology of Umbagog Lake on the map, which is located in the New Hampshire, Maine state (Coos, Oxford). Coordinates: 44.7597, -71.0471.

7628 surface area (acres)
51 max. depth (ft)
Nearby waterbodies (557)
Abbie Pond (ME) Abbotts Pond (ME) Adams Pond (Cumberland, ME) Akers Pond (NH) Alder Pond (Somerset, ME) Allen Pond (Androscoggin, ME) Androscoggin Lake (ME) Arnold Pond (Franklin, ME) Attean Pond (ME) Atwood Pond (NH) Auburn Lake (ME) Aziscohos Lake (ME) B Pond (ME) Back Lake (Coos county, NH) Baker Pond (Oxford, ME) Baker Pond (Somerset, ME) Bald Hill Pond (Orleans, VT) Ballard Pond (Franklin, ME) Barker Pond (Cumberland, ME) Barrett Pond (ME) Bartlett Pond (Androscoggin, ME) Barville Pond (NH) Basin Pond (Carroll, NH) Basin Pond (Kennebec, ME) Basin Pond (Somerset, ME) Beal Pond (Franklin, ME) Bean Pond (NH) Bean Pond (VT) Bear Brook Pond (NH) Bear Pond (Androscoggin, ME) Bear Pond (Oxford, ME) Bearcamp Pond (NH) Beattie Pond (ME) Beaver Pond (Cumberland, ME) Beaver Pond (Franklin county, ME) Beaver Pond (Franklin, ME) Beaver Pond (Orleans, VT) Beaver Pond (Oxford county, ME) Beaver Pond (Oxford, ME) Beck Pond (Caledonia, VT) Beck Pond (Somerset, ME) Berry Bay (NH) Berry Pond (Androscoggin, ME) Bickford Pond (Oxford, ME) Big Brook Bog (Coos, NH) Big Fish Pond (ME) Big Indian Pond (Franklin, ME) Big Island Pond (Franklin, ME) Big Trickey Pond (ME) Black Mountain Pond (NH) Black Pond (Grafton, NH) Black Pond (Kennebec, ME) Black Pond (Oxford, ME) Blake Pond (VT) Blakeslee Lake (ME) Blanchard Pond (Franklin, ME) Blue Mountain Pond (ME) Boundary Pond (Coos, NH) Boundary Pond (Franklin, ME) Brackett Pond (NH) Bradley Pond (Oxford, ME) Brandy Pond (Cumberland, ME) Brettuns Pond (Androscoggin, ME) Broad Bay (NH) Broad Sound (Maine) Broken Bridge Pond (ME) Browns Pond (ME) Bryant Pond (NH) Bryant Pond (Oxford, ME) Bunker Pond (Oxford, ME) Burgess Pond (ME) Burnt Meadow Pond (ME) Butler Pond (Franklin, ME) Butler Pond (Somerset, ME) C Pond (Oxford county, ME) Canada Falls Lake (ME) Canton Lake (ME) Casco Bay (Maine) Cedar Pond (NH) Center Pond (Caledonia, VT) Chandler Mill Pond (Cumberland, ME) Charles Pond (Oxford, ME) Chase Pond (Franklin, ME) Chocorua Lake (NH) Christine Lake (NH) Chub Pond (Somerset, ME) Clark Pond (Grafton, NH) Clarksville Pond (NH) Clear Pond (Somerset, ME) Clearwater Pond (Franklin, ME) Clearwater Pond (Somerset, ME) Cloutman Pond (ME) Cochnewagon Pond (Kennebec, ME) Coffee Pond (ME) Coffin Pond (Cumberland, ME) Colcord Pond (Oxford, ME) Cold Rain Pond (ME) Cold Stream Pond (Somerset, ME) Collins Pond (Cumberland, ME) Concord Pond (ME) Conner Pond (NH) Conway Lake (Carroll, NH) Cow Pond (Franklin, ME) Cranberry Pond (Oxford, ME) Crescent Lake (Cumberland, ME) Crocker Pond (Oxford, ME) Crocker Pond (Somerset, ME) Crosby Pond (Franklin, ME) Crowell Pond (ME) Crystal Lake (Carroll, NH) Crystal Lake (Cumberland county, ME) Crystal Lake (Cumberland, ME) Crystal Pond (Androscoggin, ME) Cummins Pond (NH) Cupsuptic Pond (ME) Curtis Cove (Cumberland county, ME) Cushman Pond (Oxford, ME) Dan Hole Pond (NH) Danforth Ponds (NH) David Pond (ME) Davis Pond (Carroll, NH) Davis Pond (Kennebec, ME) Day Mountain Pond (ME) Daymond Pond (ME) Deer Pond (Somerset, ME) Desert Pond (ME) Dismore Pond (NH) Dixon Pond (Somerset, ME) Dodge Pond (Franklin, ME) Drury Pond (ME) Duck Pond (Carroll, NH) Duck Pond (Oxford, ME) Duck Pond (Sutton, VT) Dummer Pond (NH) Dumpling Pond (ME) Duncan Lake (Carroll, NH) Dundee Pond (ME) Durand Lake (NH) Durgin Pond (ME) East Carry Pond (ME) Echo Lake (Carroll, NH) Echo Lake (Grafton, NH) Echo Lake (Kennebec, ME) Echo Lake (Orleans, VT) Eddy Pond (Franklin, ME) Egypt Pond (ME) Elbow Pond (Grafton, NH) Ellis Pond (Oxford, ME) Ellsworth Pond (NH) Enchanted Pond (Somerset, ME) Everett Pond (ME) Falls Pond (NH) Farrington Pond (ME) Felker Pond (ME) Fellows Pond (ME) Fernald Pond (ME) First Connecticut Lake (Coos, NH) Fish Pond (Coos county, NH) Fish Pond (Somerset, ME) Flagstaff Lake (ME) Flatiron Pond (ME) Flying Pond Vienna (Kennebec, ME) Fogg Pond (ME) Forest Lake (ME) Forest Pond (Coos, NH) Forest Pond (Oxford, ME) Francis Lake (Coos, NH) Furlong Pond (ME) Gammon Pond (ME) Garland Pond (Carroll, NH) Gilman Pond (Somerset, ME) Goose Pond (Grafton, NH) Gordon Pond (Somerset, ME) Grace Pond (ME) Granger Pond (ME) Grants Pond (Franklin, ME) Grass Pond (Somerset, ME) Great Averill Pond (Essex, VT) Great Hill Pond (NH) Greely Pond (ME) Green Pond (Oxford, ME) Greenbush Pond (ME) Guinea Pond (NH) Gulf Pond (Franklin, ME) Hales Pond (ME) Haley Pond (Franklin, ME) Halfmoon Pond (Oxford, ME) Halls Pond (Oxford, ME) Hancock Pond (Cumberland, ME) Hancock Pond (Somerset, ME) Harris Pond (Coos, NH) Harvey Pond (Franklin, ME) Heald Pond (Oxford, ME) Heald Pond (Somerset, ME) Helen Pond (ME) Hicks Pond (Oxford, ME) Hid Pond (ME) High Pond (Somerset, ME) Highland Lake (Cumberland, ME) Highland Lake (Duck, ME) Hills Pond (Franklin, ME) Hogan Pond (ME) Holeb Pond (ME) Holland Pond (Orleans, VT) Holt Pond (ME) Hopkins Pond (Kennebec, ME) Horseshoe Pond (Franklin, ME) Horseshoe Pond (Oxford, ME) Horseshoe Pond (Parlin Pond Township, ME) Howard Pond (Oxford, ME) Hunt Pond (Carroll, NH) Hurricane Pond (Franklin, ME) Hutchinson Pond (Oxford, ME) Indian Pond (Franklin, ME) Indian Pond (Grafton, NH) Indian Pond (Oxford, ME) Ingalls Pond (ME) Intervale Pond (NH) Iona Lake (NH) Iron Pond (ME) Ironbound Pond (ME) Island Pond (Androscoggin, ME) Island Pond (Essex, VT) Island Pond (Oxford, ME) Jericho Lake (NH) Jewett Pond (ME) Jim Pond (ME) Jimmy Pond (ME) Jobs Pond (Orleans, VT) Johns Pond (Franklin, ME) Jones Pond (Franklin, ME) Jones Pond (Somerset, ME) Kamankeag Pond (ME) Keewaydin Lake (Oxford, ME) Kennebago Lake (Franklin, ME) Keoka Lake (ME) Keys Pond (ME) Kezar Lake (Oxford, ME) Kezar Pond (Oxford, ME) Kiah Pond (NH) Kilgore Pond (ME) Kimball Pond (Kennebec, ME) King And Bartlett Lake (ME) King Pond (Somerset, ME) Kusumpe Pond (NH) L Pond (Franklin, ME) Lake Annabessacook (ME) Lake Armington (Grafton, NH) Lake Constance (NH) Lake Kanasatka (Carroll, NH) Lake Katherine (Grafton, NH) Lake Tarleton (Grafton, NH) Lake Willoughby (Orleans, VT) Lang Pond (ME) Lard Pond (Androscoggin, ME) Leavitt Bay (NH) Ledge Pond (Carroll, NH) Ledge Pond (Franklin, ME) Lees Pond (NH) Lewis Pond (VT) Lime Pond (Coos county, NH) Lincoln Pond (Oxford, ME) Line Pond (NH) Little Averill Pond (VT) Little Beaver Pond (Oxford, ME) Little Berry Pond (Somerset, ME) Little Big Wood Pond (ME) Little Bog Pond (Coos, NH) Little Concord Pond (ME) Little Dan Hole Pond (NH) Little Diamond Pond (NH) Little Duck Pond (Cumberland, ME) Little Dummer Pond (NH) Little Ellis Pond (ME) Little Fish Pond (Somerset, ME) Little Greely Pond (ME) Little Island Pond (Franklin, ME) Little Jim Pond (ME) Little Kennebago Lake (ME) Little Moose Pond (Oxford, ME) Little Northwest Pond (Franklin, ME) Little Pennesseewassee Pond (ME) Little Perch Pond (NH) Little Pond (Carroll, NH) Little Sabattus Pond (ME) Little Salem Lake (Orleans, VT) Little Sebago Lake (ME) Little Squam Lake (NH) Little Swift River Pond (ME) Little Turner Pond (ME) Little Turner Pond (Somerset, ME) Little Wilson Pond (Androscoggin, ME) Little Wilson Pond (Franklin, ME) Little Wilson Pond (Kennebec, ME) Locke Pond (Franklin, ME) Lonesome Lake (Grafton, NH) Long Lake (Cumberland, ME) Long Pond (Carroll, NH) Long Pond (Coos county, NH) Long Pond (Denmark, ME) Long Pond (Franklin, ME) Long Pond (Grafton, NH) Long Pond (Orleans County, VT) Long Pond (Sandy River Plt, ME) Long Pond (Seven Ponds Twp, ME) Long Pond (Somerset county, ME) Long Pond (York county, ME) Loon Lake (Carroll, NH) Loon Lake (Franklin, ME) Loon Lake (Grafton, NH) Loon Pond (Grafton, NH) Loon Pond (Somerset, ME) Lovejoy Pond (Kennebec, ME) Lovewell Pond (ME) Lower Baker Pond (NH) Lower Hall Pond (NH) Lower Kimball Pond (NH, ME) Lower Pond (Franklin, ME) Lower Range Pond (ME) Lower Trio Pond (NH) Luckse Sound (ME) Lufkin Pond (ME) Luther Pond (Somerset, ME) Maidstone Lake (Essex, VT) Maquoit Bay (ME) Marl Pond (VT) Mason Pond (NH) Mccutcheon Pond (NH) Mckenney Pond (ME) McWain Pond (ME) Melvin Pond (NH) Middle Carry Pond (ME) Middle Hall Pond (NH) Middle Pea Porridge Pond (NH) Middle Pond (Coos, NH) Middle Range Pond (ME) Miles Pond (Essex, VT) Minnehonk Lake (ME) Mirror Lake (Coos, NH) Mirror Lake (Grafton, NH) Moody Pond (NH) Moore Pond (Somerset, ME) Moore Reservoir (NH, VT) Moores Pond (NH) Moose Hill Pond (ME) Moose Pond (Coos, NH) Moose Pond (Oxford County, ME) Moose Pond (Oxford, ME) Mooselookmeguntic Lake (ME) Mosher Pond (Kennebec, ME) Mountain Pond (Carroll, NH) Mountain Pond (Franklin, ME) Moxie Pond (Franklin, ME) Mud Pond (Franklin, ME) Mud Pond (Jim Pond Township, ME) Mud Pond (Oxford, ME) Mud Pond (Waterford, ME) Mudgetts Pond (NH) Nancy Pond (NH) Natanis Pond (ME) Nathan Pond (NH) Neal Pond (Essex, VT) Nelson Pond (ME) Newark Pond (VT) No Name Pond (ME) Norcross Pond (Franklin, ME) North Otter Pond (ME) North Pond (Franklin county, ME) North Pond (Franklin, ME) North Pond (Oxford, ME) Nubble Pond (ME) Ogontz Lake (NH) Oliverian Pond (NH) Ossipee Lake (NH) Otter Pond (Cumberland, ME) Otter Pond (Franklin, ME) Otter Pond (Oxford, ME) Otter Pond (Somerset, ME) Oversett Pond (ME) Owl Pond (ME) Panther Pond (ME) Papoose Pond (Oxford, ME) Parker Pond (Cumberland, ME) Parker Pond (Franklin, ME) Parker Pond (Kennebec, ME) Parker Pond (Somerset, ME) Parmachenee Lake (ME) Partridge Lake (NH) Pea Porridge Pond (NH) Peabody Pond (ME) Pearl Lake (Grafton, NH) Pease Pond (ME) Pennesseewassee Lake (Oxford, ME) Pensioner Pond (Orleans, VT) Pepperpot Pond (ME) Pequawket Pond (Carroll, NH) Pequawket Pond (ME) Perch Pond (Grafton County, NH) Perch Pond (Grafton, NH) Perley Pond (Cumberland, ME) Perley Pond (Oxford, ME) Pettingill Pond (ME) Pickerel Pond (Kennebec, ME) Pickerel Pond (Somerset, ME) Pickerel Pond (York, ME) Pierce Pond (Somerset , ME) Pleasant Lake (Cumberland, ME) Pleasant Pond (Androscoggin, ME) Pleasant Pond (Oxford, ME) Pocasset Lake (Kennebec, ME) Podunk Pond (Franklin, ME) Pond In The River (ME) Porter Lake (Franklin, ME) Pout Pond (Grafton, NH) Proctor Pond (ME) Profile Lake (NH) Purity Lake (NH) Quimby Pond (ME) Rangeley Lake (ME) Raymond Pond (ME) Red Hill Pond (Carroll, NH) Redington Pond (Franklin county, ME) Redington Pond (Franklin, ME) Reservoir Pond (Grafton, NH) Rich Millpond (Cumberland, ME) Richardson Pond West (Oxford, ME) Rock Pond (Franklin, ME) Rock Pond (Somerset, ME) Rocky Pond (Grafton, NH) Ross Pond (Franklin, ME) Round Pond (Androscoggin, ME) Round Pond (Chain of Ponds, ME) Round Pond (Coos, NH) Round Pond (Franklin, ME) Round Pond (Grafton, NH) Round Pond (Orleans, VT) Round Pond Lake (Coos, NH) Rowe Pond (Somerset, ME) Rump Pond (ME) Runaround Pond (Androscoggin, ME) Russell Pond (NH) Sabattus Pond (ME) Sabbath Day Pond (ME) Sabbathday Lake (ME) Saco Lake (NH) Saddleback Lake (Franklin, ME) Saddleback Pond (ME) Sand Pond (Cumberland, ME) Sand Pond (Franklin, ME) Sand Pond (Oxford county, ME) Sand Pond (Oxford, ME) Sandy Bottom Pond (ME) Saturday Pond (Oxford, ME) Sawyer Pond (Carroll, NH) Schoolhouse Pond (Franklin, ME) Schoolhouse Pond (Kennebec, ME) Sebago Lake (Cumberland, ME) Second Connecticut Lake (NH) Secret Pond (Franklin, ME) Seymour Lake (Orleans, VT) Shadow Lake (Essex, VT) Shagg Pond (ME) Shallow Pond (Franklin, ME) Shaw Pond (Carroll, NH) Shaw Pond (Somerset, ME) Shiloh Pond (ME) Silver Lake (Carroll, NH) Smith Pond (Somerset county, ME) Smith Pond (Somerset, ME) Sokokis Lake (York, ME) Songo Pond (Cumberland, ME) South Boundary Pond (ME) South Pond (Franklin, ME) South Pond (Oxford, ME) South Ponds (NH) Southeast Pond (ME) Spec Pond (ME) Speck Pond (Coos, Oxford, NH, ME) Speck Pond 1 (Oxford, ME) Spectacle Pond (Grafton county) Spectacle Pond (Somerset, ME) Spencer Lake (Somerset, ME) Spencer Pond (Franklin, ME) Spring Lake (Somerset, ME) Spruce Pond (Somerset, ME) Squam Lake (NH) Stanley Pond (Oxford county, ME) Stanley Pond (Oxford, ME) Staples Pond (Franklin, ME) Stearns Pond (ME) Stetson Pond (Franklin, ME) Stiles Pond (VT) Stinson Lake (Grafton, NH) Stratford Bog Pond (Coos, NH) Stratton Brook Pond (ME) Streeter Pond (Grafton, NH) Sturtevant Pond (ME) Success Pond (NH) Sugar Berth Pond (ME) Surplus Pond (ME) Swan Pond (Oxford, ME) Swift River Pond (ME) Taylor Pond (Androscoggin, ME) Taylor Pond (Kennebec, ME) Tea Pond (Franklin, ME) Terrell Pond (NH) The Horns Pond (Franklin, ME) Third Connecticut Lake (NH) Thomas Pond (Cumberland, ME) Thompson Lake (ME) Tilton Pond (ME) Tim Pond (Franklin, ME) Tobey Pond (ME) Toothaker Pond (Franklin, ME) Torsey Lake (Kennebec, ME) Trafton Pond (ME) Trickey Pond (ME) Trout Pond (Carroll, NH) Trout Pond (Oxford, ME) Tufts Pond (ME) Tumbledown Pond (ME) Turtle Pond (VT) Twin Island Pond (ME) Twitchell Pond (ME) Umbagog Lake (NH, ME) Upper Baker Pond (NH) Upper Greeley Pond (NH) Upper Hall Pond (NH) Upper Hammond Pond (ME) Upper Kilgore Pond (ME) Upper Kimball Pond (NH) Upper Range Pond (ME) Upper Richardson Lake (ME) Varnum Pond (ME) Virginia Lake (Oxford, ME) Wachipauka Pond (NH) Wakondah Pond (NH) Washburn Pond (ME) Watchic Pond (Cumberland, ME) Webb Lake (Franklin, ME) Webber Pond (Oxford, ME) Wells Pond (Oxford, ME) West Carry Pond (ME) West Mountain Pond (VT) West Pond (York county, ME) Wethern Pond (ME) Weymouth Pond (Oxford, ME) Whipple Pond (Somerset, ME) White Lake (NH) White Oak Pond (Grafton, NH) Whitney Pond (Oxford county, ME) Whitney Pond (Oxford, ME) Whittier Pond (Kennebec county, ME) Whitton Pond (Carroll, NH) Wood Pond (Somerset, ME) Woods Pond (ME) Worthley Pond (Androscoggin, ME)
Rivers (40)
Seas, Oceans (7)
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