Casco Bay nautical chart

The marine chart shows depth and hydrology of Casco Bay on the map, which is located in the Maine state (Cumberland). Coordinates: 43.67149123, -70.03234863.

surface area (-)
180 max. depth (ft)
Nearby waterbodies (560)
Abbotts Pond (ME) Adams Pond (Cumberland, ME) Adams Pond (Lincoln, ME) Alford Lake (Knox, ME) Allen Pond (Androscoggin, ME) Anderson Pond (Kennebec, ME) Androscoggin Lake (ME) Angle Pond (NH) Arlington Mill Reservoir (NH) Attitash Lake (Essex, MA) Auburn Lake (ME) B Pond (ME) Back Bay (NH) Balch Pond (NH, ME) Baldpate Pond (MA) Ballard Pond (Franklin, ME) Barbadoes Pond (NH) Barker Pond (Cumberland, ME) Bartlett Pond (Androscoggin, ME) Bartlett Pond (York, ME) Basin Pond (Carroll, NH) Basin Pond (Kennebec, ME) Basin Pond (Waldo, ME) Bauneg Beg Lake (ME) Baxter Lake (Strafford, NH) Bear Pond (Androscoggin, ME) Bear Pond (Belknap, NH) Bear Pond (Oxford, ME) Beaver Dam Pond (ME) Beaver Pond (Cumberland, ME) Beaver Pond (Oxford county, ME) Beck Pond (Essex, MA) Berry Bay (NH) Berry Pond (Androscoggin, ME) Bickford Pond (Oxford, ME) Big Island Pond (Rockingham, NH) Biscay Pond (Lincoln, ME) Black Pond (Kennebec, ME) Black Pond (Oxford, ME) Blue Mountain Pond (ME) Bonny Eagle Pond (ME) Boody Pond (Kennebec, ME) Boulter Pond (ME) Bow Lake (NH) Boyd Pond (ME) Bradley Pond (Oxford, ME) Brainard Pond (ME) Brandy Pond (Cumberland, ME) Brettuns Pond (Androscoggin, ME) Broad Bay (NH) Broad Sound (Maine) Broken Bridge Pond (ME) Browns Pond (ME) Bryant Pond (Oxford, ME) Buker Pond (ME) Bunganut Pond (ME) Bunker Pond (Oxford, ME) Burgess Pond (ME) Burnt Meadow Pond (ME) C Pond (Oxford county, ME) Caesar Pond (ME) Cain Pond (ME) Canton Lake (ME) Cape Neddick Harbor (ME) Cape Porpoise Harbor (ME) Capisic Pond (Cumberland, ME) Cargill Pond (ME) Carlton Pond (Kennebec, ME) Carrying Place Cove (Sagadahoc county, ME) Casco Bay (Maine) Chadwick Pond (MA) Chalk Pond (Strafford, NH) Chandler Mill Pond (Cumberland, ME) Charles Pond (Oxford, ME) Chases Pond (York, ME) Chebacco Lake (MA) China Lake (Kennebec, ME) Clary Lake (Lincoln, ME) Clearwater Pond (Franklin, ME) Club Pond (NH) Cobbosseecontee Lake (ME) Cochnewagon Pond (Kennebec, ME) Coffee Pond (ME) Coffin Pond (Cumberland, ME) Colby Pond (ME) Colcord Pond (NH) Colcord Pond (Oxford, ME) Cold Rain Pond (ME) Coldrain Pond (NH) Coleman Pond (Waldo, ME) Collins Pond (Cumberland, ME) Concord Pond (ME) Conway Lake (Carroll, NH) Cooks Pond (ME) Cox Pond (ME) Crawford Pond (Knox, ME) Crescent Lake (Carroll, NH) Crescent Lake (Cumberland, ME) Crocker Pond (Oxford, ME) Cross Pond (ME) Crowell Pond (ME) Crystal Lake (Carroll, NH) Crystal Lake (Cumberland county, ME) Crystal Lake (Cumberland, ME) Crystal Lake Reservoir (MA) Crystal Pond (Androscoggin, ME) Crystal Pond (Knox, ME) Cub Pond (NH) Curtis Cove (Cumberland county, ME) Cushman Pond (Oxford, ME) Dam Pond (Kennebec, ME) Damariscotta Lake (Lincoln, ME) Dan Hole Pond (NH) Danforth Ponds (NH) David Pond (ME) Davis Pond (Carroll, NH) Davis Pond (Kennebec, ME) Day Mountain Pond (ME) Dead Pond (Rockingham, NH) Deer Meadow Pond (ME) Deer Pond (NH) Deer Pond (York county, ME) Demeritt Pond (NH) Desert Pond (ME) Doles Pond (ME) Downing Pond (NH) Drury Pond (ME) Duck Pond (Carroll, NH) Duck Pond (Oxford, ME) Dumpling Pond (ME) Duncan Lake (Carroll, NH) Dundee Pond (ME) Durham Reservoir (NH) Dyer Cove (Cumberland county, ME) Dyer Long Pond (Lincoln, ME) East Pond (Kennebec, ME) Echo Lake (Carroll, NH) Echo Lake (Kennebec, ME) Egypt Pond (ME) Ellis Pond (Oxford, ME) Ellis Pond (Waldo, ME) Ellis Pond And Mc Grath Pond (ME) Essex Bay (Massachusetts) Evans Pond (ME) Exeter Reservoir (NH) Fairbanks Pond (ME) Farrington Pond (ME) Fellows Pond (ME) Fish Pond (Knox, ME) Flying Pond Vienna (Kennebec, ME) Forest Lake (ME) Forest Pond (Oxford, ME) Fortunes Rocks Cove (ME) Furlong Pond (ME) Gardiner Pond (ME) Garland Pond (Carroll county, NH) George Pond (ME) Gilman Pond (Belknap, NH) Givens Pond (ME) Goosefare Bay (ME) Gould Pond (Kennebec, ME) Governors Lake (NH) Granger Pond (ME) Granny Kent Pond (ME) Grassy Pond (Knox, ME) Great East Lake (Carroll, NH) Great Pond (Cumberland, ME) Great Pond (Kennebec, ME) Great Pond (Rockingham, NH) Greeley Pond (ME) Green Pond (Oxford, ME) Gross Pond (ME) Haggetts Pond (MA) Hales Pond (ME) Half Moon Pond (Rockingham, NH) Halfmoon Lake (NH) Halfmoon Pond (Oxford, ME) Halfmoon Pond (Waldo, ME) Hallicom Cove (ME) Halls Pond (Oxford, ME) Hamilton Pond (Kennebec, ME) Hancock Pond (Cumberland, ME) Harvey Lake (NH) Havener Pond (ME) Heald Pond (Oxford, ME) Hermon Pond (Penobscot, ME) Hicks Pond (Oxford, ME) Hidden Lake (York, ME) Highland Lake (Cumberland, ME) Highland Lake (Duck, ME) Hills Pond (Franklin, ME) Hogan Pond (ME) Holt Pond (ME) Hood Pond (Essex, MA) Hopkins Pond (Kennebec, ME) Horn Pond (Lincoln, ME) Horn Pond (NH, ME) Horseshoe Cove (Maine) Horseshoe Pond (Franklin, ME) Horseshoe Pond (Oxford, ME) Hosmer Pond (ME) Hoveys Pond (MA) Howard Pond (Knox, ME) Howard Pond (Oxford, ME) Hunt Pond (Carroll, NH) Hunt Pond (Rockingham, NH) Hutchinson Pond (Kennebec, ME) Hutchinson Pond (Oxford, ME) Indian Pond (Oxford, ME) Ingalls Pond (ME) Iona Lake (NH) Ipswich Bay (MA) Isinglass Pond (ME) Island Pond (Androscoggin, ME) Island Pond (Oxford, ME) Jacks Cove (Maine) James Pond (Lincoln, ME) Jamies Pond (Kennebec, ME) Jimmy Pond (ME) Joe Pond (ME) Johnsons Pond (Essex, MA) Jones Pond (Strafford, NH) Kalers Pond (ME) Keewaydin Lake (Oxford, ME) Kenison Pond (NH) Kennebunk Pond (ME) Keoka Lake (ME) Keys Pond (ME) Kezar Lake (Oxford, ME) Kezar Pond (Kennebec, ME) Kezar Pond (Oxford, ME) Kidder Pond (Kennebec, ME) Kimball Pond (Kennebec, ME) Kingswood Lake (Carroll, NH) Knickerbocker Lakes (ME) Knight Pond (ME) Knights Pond (Belknap, NH) Knights Pond (York, ME) L Pond (York county, ME) Lake Annabessacook (ME) Lake Arrowhead (York, ME) Lake Wentworth (NH) Lard Pond (Androscoggin, ME) Lawry Pond (ME) Leavitt Bay (NH) Ledge Pond (Carroll, NH) Ledge Pond (Waldo, ME) Leighs Mill Pond (South Berwick, ME) Lermond Pond (ME) Lily Pond (Lincoln, ME) Lily Pond (Rockingham, NH) Little Concord Pond (ME) Little Dan Hole Pond (NH) Little Duck Pond (Cumberland, ME) Little Dyer Pond (ME) Little Ellis Pond (ME) Little Greenwood Pond (Rockingham, NH) Little Hammond Pond (Penobscot, ME) Little Long Pond (NH) Little Medomak Pond (ME) Little Moose Pond (Oxford, ME) Little Northwest Pond (Kennebec, ME) Little Pennesseewassee Pond (ME) Little Pond (Lincoln, ME) Little Poverty Pond (ME) Little Purgatory Pond (ME) Little Sabattus Pond (ME) Little Sebago Lake (ME) Little Togus Pond (Kennebec, ME) Little Turner Pond (Lincoln, ME) Little Wilson Pond (Androscoggin, ME) Little Wilson Pond (Franklin, ME) Little Wilson Pond (Kennebec, ME) Locke Pond (Franklin, ME) Long Lake (Cumberland, ME) Long Pond (Carroll, NH) Long Pond (Denmark, ME) Long Pond (Kennebec, Lincoln, ME) Long Pond (Kennebec, ME) Long Pond (Strafford, NH) Long Pond (York county, ME) Loon Lake (Carroll, NH) Loon Pond (Kennebec, ME) Loon Pond (York county, ME) Lovejoy Pond (Kennebec county, ME) Lovejoy Pond (Kennebec, ME) Lovell Lake (Carroll, NH) Lovewell Pond (ME) Lower Beach Pond (NH) Lower Kimball Pond (NH, ME) Lower Mason Pond (ME) Lower Narrows Pond (ME) Lower Range Pond (ME) Lucas Pond (NH) Luckse Sound (ME) Maces Pond (ME) Mansfield Pond (ME) Maquoit Bay (ME) Maranacook Lake (ME) Marchs Pond (NH) Massacre Pond (ME) Mccurdy Pond (ME) McIntire Pond (ME) McWain Pond (ME) Medomak Pond (ME) Megunticook Lake (ME) Melvin Pond (NH) Merrymeeting Lake (Strafford, NH) Middle Branch Pond (York, ME) Middle Pea Porridge Pond (NH) Middle Pond (York, ME) Middle Range Pond (ME) Mill Pond (Kennebec, ME) Millville Lake (NH) Milton Pond (NH, ME) Minnehonk Lake (ME) Mirror Lake (Knox, ME) Mirror Lake (York, ME) Moody Pond (Kennebec, ME) Moody Pond (NH) Moody Pond (Waldo, ME) Moody Pond (York, ME) Moores Pond (NH) Moose Hill Pond (ME) Moose Pond (Kennebec, ME) Moose Pond (Oxford County, ME) Moose Pond (Oxford, ME) Moose Pond (York, ME) Mosher Pond (Kennebec, ME) Mountain Lake (NH) Mountain Pond (Carroll, NH) Mousam Lake (ME) Mud Pond (Oxford, ME) Mud Pond (Waterford, ME) Mulligan Ponds (NH) Murdock Lake (ME) Muscongus Bay (Maine) Musquash Pond (ME) Nehumkeag Pond (ME) Nelson Pond (ME) Nequasset Lake (ME) Nippo Pond (NH) No Name Pond (ME) Norcross Pond (Franklin, ME) North Pond (Franklin, ME) North Pond (Kennebec, ME) North Pond (Knox, ME) North Pond (Oxford, ME) North Pond (York, ME) North River Pond (NH) Northeast Pond (NH, ME) Norton Pond (Waldo, ME) Nottingham Lake (NH) Nubble Pond (ME) Oarweed Cove (ME) Onway Lake (NH) Ossipee Lake (NH) Ossipee Lake (York, ME) Otter Pond (Cumberland, ME) Oversett Pond (ME) Owl Pond (ME) Panther Pond (ME) Papoose Pond (Oxford, ME) Parker Pond (Cumberland, ME) Parker Pond (Franklin, ME) Parker Pond (Kennebec, ME) Parker Pond (York, ME) Pattee Pond (ME) Patten Pond (Penobscot, ME) Pawtuckaway Lake (NH) Pea Porridge Pond (NH) Peabody Pond (ME) Pease Pond (ME) Pemaquid Pond (ME) Pennesseewassee Lake (Oxford, ME) Penny Pond (ME) Penobscot Bay (Maine) Pentucket Pond (Essex, MA) Pequawket Pond (Carroll, NH) Pequawket Pond (ME) Perkins Cove (Maine) Perley Pond (Cumberland, ME) Perley Pond (Oxford, ME) Pettingill Pond (ME) Phillips Cove (Maine) Phillips Pond (NH) Pickerel Pond (Kennebec, ME) Pickerel Pond (York, ME) Pine River Pond (NH) Pinkham Pond (ME) Pint Cove (ME) Pitcher Pond (Waldo, ME) Pleasant Lake (Cumberland, ME) Pleasant Pond (Androscoggin, ME) Pleasant Pond (Essex, MA) Pleasant Pond (Oxford, ME) Pleasant Pond (Sagadahoc, ME) Plum Island Sound (MA) Plymouth Pond (Penobscot, ME) Pocasset Lake (Kennebec, ME) Podunk Pond (Franklin, ME) Pomps Pond (MA) Pond In The River (ME) Powwow Pond (NH) Proctor Pond (ME) Province Lake (NH, ME) Purity Lake (NH) Putnamville Reservoir (MA) Quantabacook Lake (Waldo, ME) Quincy Pond (NH) Raymond Pond (ME) Rich Millpond (Cumberland, ME) Roberts Pond (York, ME) Rochester Reservoir Rock Haven Lake (York, ME) Rock Pond (MA) Ross Pond (Lincoln, ME) Round Pond (Androscoggin, ME) Round Pond (Essex County, MA) Round Pond (Essex, MA) Round Pond (Kennebec, ME) Round Pond (Knox county, ME) Round Pond (Knox, ME) Round Pond (Penobscot, ME) Round Pond (Rockingham, NH) Runaround Pond (Androscoggin, ME) Rust Pond (Carroll, NH) Sabattus Pond (ME) Sabbathday Lake (ME) Saco Bay (Maine) Saint George Lake (ME) Salmon Falls River Reservoir Saltonstall Lake (Essex, MA) Sanborn Pond (Waldo, ME) Sand Pond (Carroll, NH) Sand Pond (Cumberland, ME) Sand Pond (Franklin, ME) Sand Pond (Kennebec, ME) Sand Pond (Oxford county, ME) Sand Pond (Oxford, ME) Sand Pond (York, ME) Sandy Bay (Massachusetts) Sandy Bottom Pond (ME) Sandy Pond (Waldo, ME) Sargents Pond (NH) Saturday Pond (Oxford, ME) Savade Pond (ME) Schoolhouse Pond (Franklin, ME) Schoolhouse Pond (Kennebec, ME) Scituate Pond (ME) Seal Cove (Cumberland county, ME) Sebago Lake (Cumberland, ME) Sennebec Pond (Knox, ME) Seven Tree Pond (ME) Shagg Pond (ME) Shaker Pond (ME) Shapleigh Pond (ME) Shaw Pond (Carroll, NH) Shed Pond (ME) Sheepscot Pond (Waldo, ME) Showell Pond (NH) Sidensparker Pond (ME) Silver Lake (Carroll, NH) Silver Lake (Kennebec, ME) Silver Lake (Middlesex, MA) Silver Lake (Sagadahoc, ME) Silver Lake (York, ME) Sokokis Lake (York, ME) Songo Pond (Cumberland, ME) South Pond (Knox, ME) South Pond (Oxford, ME) Southeast Pond (ME) Spaulding Pond (NH, ME) Spec Pond (ME) Speck Pond (Coos, Oxford, NH, ME) Speck Pond 1 (Oxford, ME) Spectacle Pond (Kennebec, ME) Squore Pond (York, ME) Stanley Pond (Oxford county, ME) Stanley Pond (Oxford, ME) Staples Pond (Franklin, ME) Stearns Pond (ME) Stevens Pond (Essex, MA) Stevens Pond (Waldo, ME) Stiles Pond (MA) Stonehouse Pond (Strafford, NH) Stump Pond (Carroll, NH, ME) Success Pond (NH) Surplus Pond (ME) Swains Lake (NH) Swan Lake (Waldo, ME) Swan Pond (Oxford, ME) Swan Pond (York county, ME) Swan Pond (York, ME, NH) Taylor Pond (Androscoggin, ME) Taylor Pond (Kennebec, ME) Thomas Pond (Cumberland, ME) Thompson Lake (ME) Threecornered Pond (ME) Threemile Pond (ME) Tilden Pond (Waldo, ME) Tilton Pond (ME) Toddy Pond (Waldo, ME) Tolman Pond (Kennebec, ME) Torsey Lake (Kennebec, ME) Town House Pond (NH) Trafton Pond (ME) Travel Pond (ME) Trickey Pond (ME) Trout Pond (Carroll, NH) Trout Pond (Oxford, ME) Tumbledown Pond (ME) Twitchell Pond (ME) Tyler Pond (ME) Umbagog Lake (NH, ME) Unity Pond (ME) Upper Beech Pond (NH) Upper Kimball Pond (NH) Upper Mason Pond (Waldo, ME) Upper Narrows Pond (ME) Upper Range Pond (ME) Upper Richardson Lake (ME) Varnum Pond (ME) Virginia Lake (Oxford, ME) Wadley Pond (ME) Wah Tuh Lake (Sagadahoc, ME) Ward Pond (ME) Wash Pond (NH) Washburn Pond (ME) Washington Pond (ME) Watchic Pond (Cumberland, ME) Watson Pond (Kennebec, ME) Weary Pond (ME) Webb Lake (Franklin, ME) Webber Pond (Kennebec, ME) Webber Pond (Lincoln, ME) Webber Pond (Oxford, ME) Wellman Pond (Kennebec, ME) West Harbor Pond (ME) West Pond (York county, ME) Weymouth Pond (Oxford, ME) White Lake (NH) White Pond (Carroll, NH) Whitney Pond (Oxford county, ME) Whitney Pond (Oxford, ME) Whittier Pond (Kennebec county, ME) Whittier Pond (Kennebec, ME) Whitton Pond (Carroll, NH) Wiley Pond (Lincoln, ME) Willand Pond (NH) Wilson Lake (ME) Wilson Lake (NH) Winkley Pond (NH) Winnipesaukee Lake Wood Island Harbor (ME) Woodbury Pond (ME) Woods Pond (ME) Worthley Pond (Androscoggin, ME) York Harbor Entrance (ME) York Pond (ME)
Rivers (40)
Seas, Oceans (7)
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