Scott Lake nautical chart

The marine chart shows depth and hydrology of Scott Lake on the map, which is located in the Wisconsin state (Forest). Coordinates: 45.7718, -89.0176.

31 surface area (acres)
5 max. depth (ft)
Nearby waterbodies (737)
Ada Lake (WI) Albino Lake (MI) Alder Lake (WI) Allen Lake (Gogebic, MI) Alma Lake Alva Lake (WI) Ament Lake Anderson Lake (Gogebic, MI) Anderson Lake (Oconto County, WI) Annabelle Lake (Vilas County, WI) Anne Lake (Town of Presque Isle, WI) Anvil Lake (WI) Arbutus Lake (WI) Archibald Lake Armour Lake Arrowhead Lake (Vilas County, WI) Baker Lake (Shawano, WI) Ballard Lake (WI) Banks Lake (Gogebic, MI) Bass Lake (Florence, WI) Bass Lake (Forest, WI) Bass Lake (Lincoln, WI) Bass Lake (Town of Pine Lake, WI) Bass Lake (Town of Riverview, WI) Bass Lake (Town of Sugar Camp, WI) Bat Lake (MI) Bay Lake (Gogebic, MI) Bear Lake (Oneida County, WI) Bear Lake (Vilas County, WI) Bearpaw Lake (MI) Bearskin Lake (WI) Beatons Lake (MI) Beaufort Lake (MI) Beaver Station Lake (MI) Bed Spring Lake (MI) Bela Lake (MI) Berch Lake (MI) Bergner Lake (MI) Berry Lake (Oconto County, WI) Big African Lake (MI) Big Arbor Vitae Lake Big Carr Lake (WI) Big Crooked Lake (Boulder Junction) Big Crooked Lake (Lac du Flambeau) Big Eau Pleine Reservoir Big Fork Lake (WI) Big Kitten Lake (WI) Big Lake (Baraga, MI) Big Lake (Oneida County, WI) Big Lake (Shawano, WI) Big Lake (Town of Boulder Junction) Big Mosquito Lake (MI) Big Muskellunge Lake Big Saint Germain Lake Big Sand Lake (Vilas County, WI) Big Stone Lake (WI) Birch Lake (Oconto, WI) Birch Lake (Oneida County, WI) Birch Lake (Vilas County, WI) Birch Lake (WI, MI) Bird Lake (WI) Bishop Lake (WI) Blacksmith Lake (Legend Lake) Blair Lake (MI) Blue Lake (Oneida County, WI) Bluebell Lake (MI) Bluejay Lake (MI) Bobcat Lake (MI) Bog Lake (Houghton, MI) Bond Falls Flowage (MI) Boom Lake (WI) Boot Lake (Oconto County, WI) Boot Lake (Vilas County, WI) Booth Lake (Oneida County, WI) Boulder Lake (Oconto County, WI) Boulder Lake (Vilas County, WI) Bradley Lake (Forest County, WI) Bridge Lake (Lincoln County, WI) Broken Bow Lake Brown Lake (Gogebic, MI) Brown Lake (Oneida, WI) Brule Lake (MI) Buck Lake (Iron county, MI) Buckskin Lake (WI) Buddle Lake (MI) Buffalo Lake (Oneida, WI) Bullhead Lake (Oneida, WI) Burrows Lake Butternut Lake (Forest County, WI) Cable Lake (Iron, MI) Camp Lake (Iron county, MI) Camp Lake (Oconto, WI) Camp Lake (Vilas County, WI) Carpenter Lake (Vilas County, WI) Carrol Lake Castle Lake (MI) Catfish Lake (Vilas, Oneida) Cedar Lake (Iron County, WI) Cedar Lake (Oconto, WI) Cedar Lake (Vilas, WI) Chain Lake (Oconto County, WI) Chain Lake (Oneida County, WI) Chamberlain Lake (Iron, MI) Chaney Lake (MI) Chicagon Lake (MI) Chickadee Lake (MI) Chief Lake (Marquette, MI) Chute Pond Circle Lily Lake Cisco Lake (MI) Clark Lake (Gogebic, MI) Clear Lake (Iron, MI) Clear Lake (Langlade, WI) Clear Lake (Lincoln County, WI) Clear Lake (Oneida County, WI) Clear Lake (Oneida County, WI) Clear Lake (Oneida, WI) Clear Lake (Vilas, WI) Clearwater Lake (Oneida County, WI) Cloverleaf Lake (Gogebic, MI) Columbus Lake (WI) Cooley Lake (Oconto County, WI) Coon Lake (Baraga, MI) Copper Lake (WI) Corey Lake (Gogebic, MI) Cornelia Lake (MI) Cosgrove Lake County Line Lake (Ontonagon, MI) Courtney Lake (Ontonagon, MI) Crab Lake (Vilas County, WI) Craig Lake (Baraga, MI) Cranberry Lake (Vilas County, WI) Crane Lake (Forest County, WI) Crane Lake (Gogebic, MI) Crawling Stone Lake Crescent Lake (Town of Crescent, WI) Crooked Lake (Baraga, MI) Crooked Lake (Oconto County, WI) Crooked Lake (Oneida, WI) Crystal Lake (Lincoln County, WI) Cub Lake (Gogebic, MI) Curry Lake (MI) Curtis Lake (Oneida, WI) Dam Lake (Oneida County, WI) Damon Lake (MI) Davis Lake (Houghton, MI) Dawn Lake (Gogebic, MI) Dawson Lake (Iron, MI) Day Lake (Vilas, WI) Dead Pike Lake Deadman Lake (Ontonagon, MI) Deep Lake (Forest, WI) Deep Wood Lake Deer Island Lake (MI) Deer Lake (Forest, WI) Deer Lake (Iron county, MI) Deer Lake (Lincoln, WI) Deerskin Lake Devils Head Lake (MI) Diamond Lake (Oneida County, WI) Diamond Lake (Vilas County, WI) Dinner Lake (Gogebic, MI) Dog Lake (Town of Three Lakes, WI) Dollar Lake (Oconto, WI) Dorothy Lake (MI) Dorothy Lake (Oneida, WI) Downy Lake (MI) Doyle Lake (Gogebic, MI) Duck Lake (Langlade, WI) Duck Lake (Vilas County, WI) Dutch Lake (Gogebic, MI) Dynamite Lake (Langlade, WI) Eagle Lake (Gogebic, MI) Eagle Lake (Town of Lincoln, WI) East Bass Lake (Lincoln, WI) East Bass Lake (Oconto County,WI) East Bay Lake (WI, MI) East Bear Lake (MI) East Horsehead Lake (WI) East Paint Lake (MI) East Twin Lakes (Oconto, WI) Eau Claire Flowage Ebony Lake (MI) Echo Lake (Houghton, MI) Echo Lake (Oneida County, WI) Edey Lake (MI) Edith Lake (Florence County, WI) Eel Lake (MI) Elbow Lake (Gogebic, MI) Elginor Lake (MI) Ellwood Lake (WI) Elna Lake (WI) Elsie Lake (MI) Emeline Lake (MI) Emerald Lake (Vilas County, WI) Emily Lake (Florence County, WI) Emily Lake (Vilas, WI) Emma Lake (WI) Englesby Lake (MI) Enterprise Lake (WI) Erickson Lake (Iron, MI) Escanaba Lake Estes Lake (MI) Evergreen Lake (WI) Fallison Lake (WI) Fawn Lake (Town of Manitowish Waters) Fawn Lake (Vilas, WI) Fay Lake (WI) Fence Lake (Iron, MI) Fence Lake (Vilas County, WI) Fern Lake (Iron county, MI) Finger Lake (MI) Fire Lake (Iron county, MI) Firefly Lake First Lake (Iron, MI) Fisher Lake (Florence, WI) Fisher Lake (Gogebic, MI) Fisher Lake (Iron County, WI) Fishhawk Lake (MI) Fishtrap Lake (Vilas County, WI) Flambeau Lake Flicker Lake (MI) Florence Lake (Gogebic, MI) Florence Lake (Langlade County, WI) Foggy Lake (MI) Ford Lake (Baraga, MI) Found Lake Fourmile Lake (WI) Fourth Lake (WI) Foxpaw Lake (MI) Frank Lake (WI) Franklin Lake (Forest County WI) Franklin Lake (WI) French Lake (Oconto, WI) Frog Lake (Iron County, WI) Gasley Lake (MI) Gaylord Lake (MI) George Lake (Oneida County, WI) Germain Lake (MI) Gibson Lake (Iron, MI) Gilas Lake (WI) Gilbert Lake (Iron, MI) Gilmore Lake (Oneida County, WI) Glen Lake (Marinette, WI) Glen Lake (MI) Glidden Lake (MI) Glitter Lake (MI) Golden Lake (Iron, MI) Grace Lake (Gogebic, MI) Grant Lake (MI) Gray Lake (Gogebic, MI) Greater Bass Lake Green Lake (Oconto, WI) Gudegast Lake (MI) Gunlock Lake Hagerman Lake (MI) Half Moon Lake (Marathon County, WI) Half Moon Lake (Oconto, WI) Halfmoon Lake (Lincoln County, WI) Halsey Lake Ham Lake (Forest, WI) Hancock Lake (WI) Hannah Webb Lake (MI) Hanson Lake (Oneida County, WI) Harding Lake (Iron, MI) Harriet Lake (Forest, WI) Harris Lake Hartley Lake (Gogebic, MI) Hasbrook Lake Hasseib Lake (MI) Hattie Lake (MI) Hawk Lake (Gogebic, MI) Hawk Lake (Oneida County, WI) Hay Lake (Gogebic, MI) Haywire Lake (Marquette, MI) Heart Lake (Gogebic, MI) Hehe Lake (MI) Helen Lake (Gogebic, MI) Hemlock Lake (Oneida, WI) Hemlock Lake (Ontonagon, MI) Henry Lake (Gogebic, MI) Hidden Lake (Oconto, WI) High Falls Reservoir (WI) High Lake (Gogebic, MI) High Lake (Langlade, WI) High Lake (Vilas, WI) Hilbert Lake Hilltop Lake (Gogebic, MI) Himley Lake Hodstradt Lake (WI) Holly Lake (MI) Homan Lake (MI) Honey Lake (Gogebic, MI) Horn Lake (Oconto County, WI) Horsehead Lake (Oneida County, WI) Horsehead Lake (Vilas County, WI) Howell Lake Hunter Lake (Vilas County, WI) Ice Lake (MI) Ike Walton Lake (WI) Image Lake (Gogebic , MI) Imp Lake (MI) Indian Lake (Forest County, WI) Indian Lake (Langlade, WI) Indian Lake (Oneida County, WI) Inkpot Lake (Town of Minoqua, WI) Irish Lake (MI) Iron Lake (Iron county, MI) Island Lake (Oneida, WI) Island Lake (Vilas County, WI) Jack Lake (Gogebic, MI) Jack Lake (Langlade, WI) Jag Lake James Lake (Iron, MI) Jane Lake (MI) Jay Lake (MI) Jennie Webber Lake Jingle Lake (MI) Johnson Lake (Oneida, Vilas, WI) Julia Lake (Forest County, WI) Jungle Lake Kathan Lake (WI) Katherine Lake Katherine Lake (MI) Katie Lake (MI) Katinka Lake Kawaguesaga Lake (WI) Kelly Lake (Baraga, MI) Kelly Lake (Oconto County, WI) Kentuck Lake Kerr Lake (MI) Keyes Lake (Florence County, WI) Killdeer Lake (MI) King Lake (Baraga, MI) King Lake (Forest, WI) King Lake (Gogebic, MI) Kunschke Lake (WI, MI) Kunze Lake (MI) Kvidera Lake (MI) Lac Vieux Desert (WI, MI) LaCrosse Lake (MI) Lake Alice (MI) Lake Antoine (MI) Lake Arfelin (MI) Lake Content Lake Dubay (WI, Portage county) Lake Ellen (MI) Lake Emily (MI) Lake Fifteen (Iron, MI) Lake Gogebic (Gogebic, Ontonagon, MI) Lake Julia (Oneida, WI) Lake Keewaydin (MI) Lake Laura (Vilas, WI) Lake Lucerne (Forest, WI) Lake Mary (Iron county, MI) Lake Michigamme (MI) Lake Michigan Lake Ottawa (MI) Lake Sainte Kathryn (MI) Lake Superior Lake Thompson (WI) Langford Lake (MI) Laura Lake (Forest, WI) Laurel Lake (Oneida County, WI) Lawrence Lake (WI) Lewis Lake (Iron, MI) Light Lake (MI) Lilly Lake (Florence County, WI) Lilly Lake (Lincoln, WI) Liluis Lake (MI) Lily Lake (Forest County, WI) Lily Lake (Marquette, MI) Lily Lake (Shawano, WI) Lindsley Lake (MI) Little Arbor Vitae Lake Little Bass Lake (Vilas, WI) Little Bear Lake (Oconto, WI) Little Bearskin Lake (WI) Little Beatons Lake (MI) Little Castle Lake (MI) Little Crawling Stone Lake Little Crooked Lake (Vilas, WI) Little Duck Lake (MI) Little Fork Lake (WI) Little John Lake Little Lake (Baraga, MI) Little Langford Lake (MI) Little Long Lake (Forest, WI) Little Moon Lake (WI, MI) Little Mosquito Lake (MI) Little Nesbit Lake (MI) Little Oxbow Lake (MI) Little Pomeroy Lake (MI) Little Presque Isle Lake Little Sand Lake (Forest County, WI) Little Smoky Lake (MI) Little Spider Lake (Vilas County, WI) Little Squaw Lake (MI) Little St Germain Lake Little Star Lake (Forest, WI) Little Star Lake (Manitowish Waters) Little Star Lake (Town of Plum Lake) Little Tomahawk Lake (WI) Little Trail Lake (MI) Little Trout Lake (WI) Little White Goat Lake (MI) Liver Lake (MI) Lois Lake (MI) Lone Stone Lake (WI) Long Lake (Forest, WI) Long Lake (Langlade, WI) Long Lake (Lincoln County, WI) Long Lake (Oneida, WI) Long Lake (Vilas, WI) Loon Lake (Shawano County, WI) Loon Lake (Vilas, WI) Lost Canoe Lake Lost Lake (Vilas County, WI) Louise Lake (Gogebic, MI) Lower Buckatabon Lake (WI) Lower Holmes Lake (Iron, MI) Lower Post Lake Lower Red Lake Lower Sugarbush Lake Lynx Lake (Town of Presque Isle, WI) Lynx Lake (Town of WA, WI) Machickanee Flowage (Stiles) Madeline Lake Madelyn Lake (MI) Maggie Lake (MI) Maiden Lake Manitowish Lake Mann Lake (WI) Manson Lake (WI) Maple Lake (Oneida County, WI) Marell Lake (MI) Marion Lake (MI) Markey Lake (MI) Marsh Lake (Gogebic, MI) Marten Lake (MI) Mary Lake (Langlade County, WI) Mastodon Lake (MI) Mayflower Lake (Marathon County, WI) Mccormick Lake Mccullough Lake (MI) Mcdonald Lake (Gogebic, MI) Mcgee Lake (Langlade County, WI) Mckinley Lake (Forest County, WI) Mcpherson Lake (MI) Meander Lake (MI) Medicine Lake (Oneida County, WI) Mercer Lake (Oneida County, WI) Metonga Lake (WI) Meyer Lake (Langlade, WI) Mid Lake (Oneida, WI) Middle Lake (Baraga, MI) Middle Lake (Florence, WI) Middle Sugarbush Lake Miller Lake (Oconto, WI) Mink Lake (Gogebic, MI) Minnie Lake (Iron, MI) Minocqua Lake Mirror Lake (Ontonagon, MI) Mishike Lake (MI) Mission Lake (Marathon County, WI) Mission Lake (Shawano, WI) Misty Lake (Gogebic, MI) Mitchell Lake (Iron, MI) Mitigwaki Lake (Iron, MI) Moccasin Lake (Langlade, WI) Moccasin Lake (Oneida County, WI) Moen Lake (Oneida County, WI) Mohawksin Lake (WI) Montana Lake (WI) Moon Lake (Gogebic, MI) Moon Lake (Shawano, WI) Moon Lake (Vilas County, WI) Moose Lake (Langlade, WI) Moosehead Lake (Gogebic, WI, MI) Moraine Lake (Lincoln, WI) Moraine Lake (Vilas, MI) Morgan Lake (Florence County, WI) Morley Lake (MI) Moshawquit Lake Moss Lake (Gogebic, MI) Mountain Lake (Gogebic, MI) Mueller Lake (Langlade, WI) Muskeg Lake (MI) Muskellunge Lake (Lincoln County, WI) Muskellunge Lake (Oneida County, WI) Muskellunge Lake (Vilas County, WI) Nebish Lake (WI) Ned Lake (MI) Nelson Lake (Iron, MI) Nesbit Lake (MI) Newton Lake (Marinette, WI) Norrie Lake North Hoist Lake (MI) North Lake (Florence County, WI) North Turtle Lake North Twin Lake (Vilas County, WI) North Two Lakes Norway Lake (Iron, MI) Oneida Lake (Oneida County, WI) Orchid Lake (MI) Ormes Lake (MI) Otter Lake (Lincoln County, WI) Otter Lake (Vilas County, WI) Oxbow Lake (Vilas County, WI) Paint Lake (MI) Pallette Lake Papoose Lake (Vilas County, WI) Parent Lake (MI) Parlemee Lake (MI) Partridge Lake (Vilas County, WI) Patten Lake (WI) Paw Lake (MI) Pelican Lake (Oneida County, WI) Penegor Lake (MI) Pequet Lake (MI) Perch Lake (Town of Woodboro, WI) Pesabic Lake Petrow Lake (MI) Petticoat Lake (MI) Pickerel Lake (Langlade County, WI) Pickerel Lake (Lincoln, WI) Pickerel Lake (Oneida, WI) Pier Lake (Town of Lynne, WI) Pigeon Lake (Gogebic, MI) Pike Lake (Marathon County, WI) Pine Lake (Oconto, WI) Pine Lake (Town of Minoqua, WI) Pine River Flowage Pioneer Lake (WI) Pit Lake (MI) Placid Twin Lakes (WI) Planting Ground Lake Pleasant Lake (Shawano, WI) Plum Lake (Town of Plum Lake, WI) Plummer Lake (Vilas County, WI) Plymouth Lake (MI) Pokegama Lake (Vilas County, WI) Pomeroy Lake (MI) Porcupine Lake (Gogebic, MI) Porter Lake (Iron, MI) Powwow Lake (MI) Prairie Lake (Oneida County, WI) Presque Isle Lake Prickett Lake (MI) Queen Lake (MI) Railroad Lake Railroad Lake (Iron, MI) Rainbow Flowage Randall Lake (Iron, WI) Range Lake (MI) Range Line Lake (Oneida County, WI) Razorback Lake Record Lake (MI) Redboat Lake (MI) Reservoir Pond (WI) Rest Lake Rhinelander Flowage (WI) Rice River Flowage Richardson Lake (Forest, WI) Ridge Lake (MI) Riley Lake (Florence, WI) Riley Lake (Forest, WI) Robbins Pond (Ontonagon, MI) Roberts Lake Robinson Lake (Forest, WI) Robinson Lake (Iron, MI) Rogers Lake (Langlade, WI) Rolling Stone Lake Rookery Lake (MI) Round Lake (Forest, WI) Ruth Lake (Baraga, MI) Sawyer Lake (Langlade, WI) Sawyer Lake (MI) Scattering Rice Lake Schneider Lake (Gogebic, MI) Scott Lake (Forest, WI) Scout Lake (Gogebic, MI) Second Lake (Iron, MI) Second Lake (Oneida County, WI) Section Thirty Lake (Oconto, WI) Seven Island Lake Sevenmile Lake (Oneida County, WI) Shannon Lake (Vilas, WI) Shawano Lake Shepard Lake Sherman Lake (Vilas County, WI) Shishebogama Lake Shoe Lake (Forest County, WI) Silk Lake (MI) Silver Lake (Dickinson, MI) Silver Lake (Iron, MI) Silver Lake (Oneida, WI) Silver Lake (Vilas, WI) Simons Lake (MI) Sixmile Lake (Houghton, MI) Sixteen Lake (Iron, MI) Skyline Lake (MI) Smith Lake (Lincoln, WI) Snap Jack Lake (MI) Snipe Lake (Vilas County, WI) Snowden Lake Somo Lake South Turtle Lake South Twin Lake (Vilas County, WI) South Two Lakes (WI) Sparkling Lake Spectacle Lake Spider Lake (Gogebic, MI) Spider Lake (Iron County, WI) Spider Lake (Oneida County, WI) Spider Lake (Vilas County, WI) Spirit Lake (Oneida County, WI) Spirit River Flowage (WI) Spree Lake (MI) Spring Lake (Forest, WI) Spring Lake (Oneida, WI) Squash Lake (Oneida County, WI) Squaw Lake (Lincoln, WI) Squaw Lake (Marquette, MI) Squaw Lake (Oneida County, WI) Squirrel Lake Stager Lake (MI) Stanley Lake (Iron, MI) Star Lake (Vilas County, WI) Stateline Lake (WI, MI) Statenaker Lake (WI) Stearns Lake (Vilas County, WI) Stella Lake (Oneida County, WI) Stella Lake (Vilas County, WI) Stevens Lake (Forest County, WI) Stone Lake (Town of Minoqua, WI) Stone Lake (Town of Sugar Camp, WI) Stone Lake (Vilas County, WI) Stormy Lake (WI) Strand Lake (Vilas, WI) Sucker Lake (Gogebic, MI) Sudden Lake (MI) Sugar Camp Lake Sugar Maple Lake Summit Lake (Langlade County, WI) Sun Dance Lake (MI) Sun Lake (MI) Sunday Lake (MI) Sunset Lake (Iron, MI) Sunset Lake (Oneida, WI) Sunset Lake (Vilas County, WI) Swamp Lake (Town of Nokomis, WI) Swamsauger Lake Swan Lake (Iron county, MI) Sweeny Lake (WI) Tamarack Lake (Oneida, WI) Tambling Lake Tank Lake (Vilas, WI) Taps Lake (MI) Taylor Lake (Gogebic, MI) Tepee Lake (MI) Third Lake (Baraga, MI) Third Lake (Iron, MI) Third Lake (Oneida County, WI) Thirteen Lake (Houghton, MI) Thousand Island Lake (MI) Three Johns Lake (WI) Three-On Lake (MI) Thrush Lake (MI) Thunder Lake (Marinette County, WI) Thunder Lake (Oneida, WI) Thunder Lake (Town of Three Lakes, WI) Timber Lake (Iron, MI) Tomahawk Lake (Oneida County, WI) Towanda Lake Townline Lake (Langlade, WI) Townline Lake (Oneida, WI) Townsend Flowage (WI) Trail Lake (MI) Trap Lake (MI) Trapper Lake (MI) Trout Lake (Oconto, WI) Trout Lake (Vilas County, WI) Trump Lake (WI) Tug Lake Turtle Lake (Forest, WI) Twin Island Lake (WI) Twin Lakes (Lincoln, WI) Twist Lake (MI) Two Sisters Lake (Oneida County, WI) Upper Buckatabon Lake (WI) Upper Holmes Lake (Iron, MI) Upper Kaubashine Lake (WI) Upper Post Lake (WI) Upper Red Lake Upper Sugarbush Lake Valley Lake (Forest, WI) Valley Lake (Oconto, WI) Virgin Lake (Oneida, WI) Virgin Lake (Town of Three Lakes, WI) Voyageur Lake (WI) Wabasso Lake (WI) Washburn Lake (Oneida County, WI) Watersmeet Lake (WI) Waubee Lake (WI) Waupee Flowage West Bass Lake (Florence, WI) West Bear Lake (MI) West Horsehead Lake (WI) West Lake (Florence County, WI) West Loon Lake (Langlade, WI) Wheeler Lake (Oconto County, WI) White Clay Lake White Lake (Langlade County, WI) White Lake (Oconto County, WI) White Potato Lake (WI) White Sand Lake (Boulder Junction) White Sand Lake (Town of Plum Lake) Whitefish Lake (Gogebic, MI) Whitefish Lake (Oneida County, WI) Wild Rice Lake (WI) Wildcat Lake (Vilas County, WI) Wildwood Lake (Iron, MI) Wildwood Lake (Vilas County, WI) Wilson Lake (Gogebic, MI) Wilson Lake (Shawano, WI) Wind Pudding Lake (WI) Winslow Lake (MI) Winterberry Lake (MI) Witch Lake (Marquette, MI) Wolf Lake (Forest, WI) Wolf Lake (Gogebic, MI) Wolf Lake (Oneida, WI) Wolf Lake (Vilas County, WI) Woodbury Lake (Forest, WI) Worm Lake (MI) Yellow Birch Lake (WI)
Rivers (40)
Seas, Oceans (7)
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