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Welcome to your key source for all fishing-related information in Missouri. Discover not only the prime fishing spots but also learn about the diverse species inhabiting these waters. Stay informed about the latest fishing regulations and licensing requirements for fishing in Missouri

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Lakes and reservoirs for fishing in Missouri

Below are the largest and most popular lakes, reservoirs, and bays for fishing in Missouri. Each Missouri body of water includes information on fish species, analytics, and a map with fishing spots

Licenses for fishing in Missouri

For more detailed information and to purchase a license, visit the Missouri Department of Conservation website

License Type Resident Fee Non-Resident Fee
Daily Fishing Permit $8.00 $8.00
Annual Fishing Permit $12.00 $49.00
Lifetime Fishing Permit (Youth 0-15) $275.00 -
Lifetime Fishing Permit (Age 16-29) $400.00 -
Lifetime Fishing Permit (Age 30-39) $350.00 -
Lifetime Fishing Permit (Age 40-59) $300.00 -
Lifetime Fishing Permit (Age 60-64) $35.00 -
Lifetime Conservation Partner Permit (Hunting and Fishing) (Youth 0-15) $550.00 -
Lifetime Conservation Partner Permit (Hunting and Fishing) (Age 16-29) $800.00 -
Lifetime Conservation Partner Permit (Hunting and Fishing) (Age 30-39) $700.00 -
Lifetime Conservation Partner Permit (Hunting and Fishing) (Age 40-59) $600.00 -
Lifetime Conservation Partner Permit (Hunting and Fishing) (Age 60-64) $70.00 -
Military Reduced Cost Permit $5.00 -
White River Border Lake Permit $10.00 -
Small Game Hunting and Fishing Permit $19.00 -

Additional Requirements Costs for Residents & Non-residents

License Type Cost
Trout Permit (Age 16 and older) $10.00
Trout Permit (Youth 0-15) $5.00
Daily Trout Tag (Age 16 and older) $4.00
Daily Trout Tag (Youth 0-15) $3.00

Key Points:

  • Residents and non-residents pay the same fees for Daily Fishing Permits.
  • A Trout Permit is required to possess trout in Missouri.
  • There are special permits and reduced costs available for military personnel, seniors, youth, and disabled persons.
  • Lifetime permits are only available to residents.

Fishing Regulations in Missouri

Prohibited Gear and Fishing Methods
  • Use of explosives, poisons, or chemicals for fishing is illegal.
  • Snagging, snaring, and grabbing are prohibited except in designated areas.
  • Using game fish as bait is not allowed.
  • Limblines and juglines are permitted only in certain waters.
  • Seining, trapping, or netting fish is illegal without specific permits.
Catch Limits
  • Black bass (largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted): Daily limit of 6, only 1 may be black bass in the Ozark Zone.
  • Crappie: Daily limit of 30, no more than 15 may be black crappie.
  • Catfish: Daily limit of 10 channel catfish and 5 blue catfish.
  • Trout: Daily limit of 4, different areas have specific size limits.
  • Walleye: Daily limit of 4, minimum length of 15 inches.
  • Bluegill: No daily limit, no size limit.
  • Muskie: Daily limit of 1, minimum length of 36 inches.
  • Striped bass and hybrid striped bass: Combined daily limit of 4.
  • Paddlefish: Seasonal limits, 2 daily during the season, with specific size restrictions.
  • Northern pike: Daily limit of 2, minimum length of 24 inches.
Restrictions on Access to Water Bodies
  • Certain areas are restricted to youth or disabled angler fishing.
  • Private waters can be fished only with the landowner's permission.
  • Access is limited in conservation and natural areas for preservation.
  • Fishing is not allowed within designated swimming areas or marinas.
  • Special permits required for access to managed trout areas.
Zones of Special Regulation
  • Trout parks with special regulations and catch-and-release rules.
  • Urban fishing areas with specific regulations to promote local fishing.
  • Areas designated for artificial lures and flies only.
  • Special management areas with enhanced size and bag limits.
  • Catch-and-release zones in certain streams and rivers.
Protection of Rare Species
  • Fishing for endangered or threatened species is strictly prohibited.
  • Special regulations in areas with rare aquatic species.
  • Habitats of rare fish are off-limits for fishing.
  • Monitoring of catches to ensure rare species protection.
  • Special permits required for research or educational purposes.
Seasonal Restrictions
  • Certain species have closed seasons for spawning protection.
  • Ice fishing regulations in effect during winter months.
  • Seasonal restrictions in sensitive ecological areas.
  • Temporary closures for habitat restoration or during extreme weather conditions.
  • Special seasons for trout in managed trout parks.

Most popular cities for fishing in Missouri

The largest and most popular fishing cities in Missouri. Cities in Missouri include information on fishing, as well as a map with fishing spots. Explore the cities to know what fish are caught and in which bodies of water.

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