Great Salt Lake depth map (nautical chart)

Interactive online navigation depth map shows Great Salt Lake marine chart. The nautical chart is free for use and might be useful for fishermen and travellers.

Great Salt Lake is located in the western United States in the state of Utah. The water level in the lake is highly dependent on atmospheric precipitation, so the area can fluctuate. Accordingly, the average depth also fluctuates, at the moment from 13 ft to 23 ft, the maximum is from 42 ft to 49 ft. It has no runoff, several rivers flow into the river, the largest of them is the Beer River.

On the northeastern shore of Great Salt Lake there is a land-art installation "The Spiral Dam" by artist Robert Smithson.






Tooele, Salt Lake, Box Elder, Cache


41.185052245944, -112.53303048086


1,700 sq mi (4,400 km²)

Max. depth

42 ft to 49 ft

Nearest cities

Salt Lake City, Brigham City