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Licenses for fishing in Minnesota

In Minnesota, fishing licenses are required for various activities, with specific fees for residents and non-residents. Special licenses are available for different age groups and circumstances.

For the most accurate and detailed information, it's best to visit the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources website where you can also purchase a fishing license online.

License Type Resident Fee Non-Resident Fee
Individual Angling $25.00 $51.00
Combination Angling (Married Couple) $40.00 -
24-Hour License $12.00 $14.00
72-Hour License $14.00 $36.00
7-Day License - $43.00
14-Day Married License - $54.00
Family Annual License - $68.00
3-Year License $71.00 -
Annual Conservation License $17.00 -
Married Conservation License $27.00 -
Annual Sports License $41.00 -
Married Sports License $57.00 -
Annual Super Sports License $100.00 -
Married Super Sports License $126.00 -


  • These fees are subject to change, and additional options are available for different categories like youth, seniors, and those with disabilities.

Fishing Regulations in Minnesota

Prohibited Gear and Fishing Methods
  • Use of explosives, poisons, or electricity to catch fish is illegal.
  • Snagging fish is not permitted.
  • Use of artificial lights to attract fish is prohibited.
  • Spearguns and crossbows are not allowed for fishing.
  • Limb, set, bank, and jug lines are prohibited.
Catch Limits
  • Walleye: Daily limit of 6, only one over 20 inches.
  • Northern Pike: Daily limit of 3, with size restrictions.
  • Trout: Statewide daily limit of 5, only 1 over 16 inches.
  • Bass: Daily limit of 6, only one bass over 20 inches.
  • Crappie: Daily limit of 10, size limit may apply.
  • Bluegill: Daily limit of 20.
  • Muskellunge: Catch and release only in certain areas.
  • Catfish: Daily limit of 5, with size restrictions.
  • Sturgeon: Catch and release only, with seasonal closures.
  • Perch: No daily limit.
Restrictions on Access to Water Bodies
  • Access to certain areas may be restricted during sensitive periods.
  • Private property must be respected; no trespassing.
  • Boat access may be limited to prevent invasive species spread.
  • Certain waters may be off-limits for fishing to protect habitats.
  • Use of motorized boats restricted in designated wilderness areas.
Zones of Special Regulation
  • Specific size and bag limits in designated trophy fish areas.
  • Catch-and-release only zones.
  • Seasonal closures for spawning protection.
  • Special regulations for invasive species control.
  • Area-specific gear restrictions.
Protection of Rare Species
  • Fishing for endangered species is strictly prohibited.
  • Immediate release required for unintended rare species catch.
  • Special regulations in habitats of rare species.
  • Reporting accidental catches of rare species is mandatory.
  • Use of barbless hooks in certain areas to protect vulnerable species.
Seasonal Restrictions
  • Ice fishing shelters must be removed by a specific date.
  • Seasonal closures during fish spawning periods.
  • Restrictions on fishing during certain times of the day or year.
  • Winter fishing restrictions to protect fish populations.
  • Special open seasons for certain species.

Most popular cities for fishing in Minnesota

The largest and most popular fishing cities in Minnesota. Cities in Minnesota include information on fishing, as well as a map with fishing spots. Explore the cities to know what fish are caught and in which bodies of water.

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