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Lakes and reservoirs for fishing in Idaho

Below are the largest and most popular lakes, reservoirs, and bays for fishing in Idaho. Each Idaho body of water includes information on fish species, analytics, and a map with fishing spots

Licenses for fishing in Idaho

For more detailed information and to purchase a fishing license, you can visit Idaho Fish and Game and Go Fish Idaho.

License Type Resident Fee Non-Resident Fee
Combination Hunting & Fishing $38.75 $264.00
One-Day Combo Hunting & Fishing $5.00 $22.75
+Additional Day Combo $6.00 $7.00
Fishing License (16–64 years) $30.50 $108.00
One-Day Fishing License $13.50 $22.75
+ Additional Day Fishing $6.00 $7.00
Optional Youth Fishing License (<16) $10.00 (Multi-Year) $23.75
Senior Sportsman’s License (65+) $13.75 -
Trout License (with Fishing License) $10.00 $25.00
One-Day Trout License $5.00 $10.00
+ Additional Day Trout License $1.00 $2.00
Saltwater Information Program (SIP) Permit Free Free
Sportsman’s License (16-64) $65.00 $400.00
One-Day Sportsman’s License $25.00 $170.00
+ Additional Day Sportsman’s License $3.00 $20.00

Lifetime Licenses:

  • Infant (Under 1 year): $795.50 (Combination), $276.75 (Hunting), $601.75 (Fishing)
  • Ages 2-50: $1,113.00 (Combination), $386.75 (Hunting), $841.75 (Fishing)
  • Ages 51 and older: $636.75 (Combination), $221.75 (Hunting), $481.75 (Fishing)

Fishing Regulations in Idaho

Prohibited Gear and Fishing Methods
  • Use of firearms or explosives for fishing is illegal.
  • Fishing with poisons, lime, electricity, or drugs is prohibited.
  • No fishing with nets, traps, or seines except as specifically allowed.
  • Snagging fish is generally not allowed.
  • Using live fish as bait is restricted in many areas.
Catch Limits
  • Rainbow trout: daily limit of 6, no size restriction.
  • Bass: combined limit of 6, only 2 may be over 16 inches.
  • Salmon: varies by region, often 4 per day.
  • Steelhead: daily limit of 3, possession limit of 9.
  • Catfish: daily limit of 25, no size restriction.
  • Sturgeon: catch-and-release only in most areas.
  • Kokanee: daily limit of 15, no size restriction.
  • Crappie: daily limit of 30, no size restriction.
  • Walleye: daily limit of 6, no size restriction.
  • Northern Pike: no limit.
  • Tiger Muskie: minimum size 40 inches, limit of 2.
  • Yellow Perch: daily limit of 15, no size restriction.
  • Whitefish: daily limit of 25, no size restriction.
Restrictions on Access to Water Bodies
  • Fishing from boats prohibited in certain designated waters.
  • No fishing within certain distances of fish hatcheries or dams.
  • Some waters are closed to fishing to protect critical habitats.
  • Private land fishing requires landowner permission.
  • Seasonal access restrictions on certain bodies of water.
Zones of Special Regulation
  • Special regulations in effect for certain rivers, like catch-and-release areas.
  • Trophy fishing areas with specific size and catch limits.
  • Restricted fishing in conservation areas to protect ecosystems.
  • Fly fishing only zones in certain streams and rivers.
  • Areas with gear restrictions, like barbless hooks only.
Protection of Rare Species
  • No fishing for threatened or endangered species.
  • Special regulations in habitats of rare or sensitive species.
  • Restrictions on fishing near spawning grounds during certain seasons.
  • Mandatory catch and release for certain rare species.
  • Reporting accidental catches of rare species is required.
Seasonal Restrictions
  • Closed seasons for certain species to protect spawning periods.
  • Winter closures in specific waters to protect fish populations.
  • Seasonal restrictions on certain methods like ice fishing.
  • Temporary closures for habitat restoration or fish population recovery.
  • Special spring restrictions in tributaries during spawning runs.

Most popular cities for fishing in Idaho

The largest and most popular fishing cities in Idaho. Cities in Idaho include information on fishing, as well as a map with fishing spots. Explore the cities to know what fish are caught and in which bodies of water.