White Lake nautical chart

The marine chart shows depth and hydrology of White Lake on the map, which is located in the Minnesota state (Freeborn County). Coordinates: 43.662, -93.4135.

151 surface area (acres)
2 max. depth (ft)
Nearby waterbodies (80)
Albert Lea Lake (MN) Ballantyne Lake (Blue Earth, MN) Beaver Lake (Steele, MN) Beeds Lake (IA) Byllesby Lake (Dakota, MN) Cannon Lake (MN) Cedar Lake (Scott, MN) Circle Lake (Rice, MN) Clear Lake (Cerro Gordo, IA) Clear Lake (Waseca, MN) Cody Lake (MN) Crystal Lake (Hancock, IA) Cynthia Lake (MN) Eagle Lake (Blue Earth, MN) East Side Lake (MN) Eldred Sherwood Park Lake (IA) Elm Lake (IA) Foster Arend Lake (MN) Fountain Lake (Freeborn, MN) Fox Lake (Rice, MN) Freeborn Lake (Freeborn, MN) French Lake (Rice, MN) Geneva Lake (MN) George Lake (Blue Earth, MN) German Lake (Le Sueur, MN) Goose Lake (Goodhue, MN) Gorman Lake (Le Sueur, MN) Greenleaf Lake (Le Sueur, MN) Hunt Lake (Rice county, MN) Ida Lake (Blue Earth, MN) Kohlmeier Lake (Steele, MN) Lake Cornelia (Wright, IA) Lake Elysian (MN) Lake Emily (Le Sueur, MN) Lake Francis (Le Sueur, MN) Lake Marion (Dakota, MN) Lake Smith (IA) Lake Zumbro (MN) Lily Lake (Waseca, MN) Loon Lake (Blue Earth, MN) Loon Lake (Waseca, MN) Lura Lake (MN) Madison Lake (Blue Earth, MN) Mayowood Lake (MN) Mazaska Lake (MN) Mcmahon Lake (MN) Middle Jefferson Lake (MN) Mill Pond (Mower, MN) Mill Pond (Scott, MN) Mills Lake (MN) Morin Lake (Freeborn, MN) Morse Lake (IA) Pepin Lake (MN, WI) Pickerel Lake (Freeborn, MN) Pleasant Lake (Scott, MN) Reeds Lake (MN) Rice Lake (IA) Roberds Lake (MN) Roemhildts Lake (MN) Sabre Lake (MN) Saint Olaf Lake (Waseca, MN) Sakatah Lake (MN) School Section Lake (Freeborn, MN) Scotch Lake (Le Sueur, MN) Shields Lake (Rice, MN) Sprague Lake (MN) St Catherine Lake (MN) Steele Lake (Le Sueur, MN) Sunfish Lake (Le Sueur, MN) Swan Lake (Nicollet, MN) Sweetbrier Lake (MN) Tetonka Lake (Le Sueur, MN) Twin Lakes (Goodhue, Dakota, MN, WI) Union Lake (Rice, MN) Upper Clear Lake (MN) Volney Lake (Le Sueur, MN) Washington Lake (Le Sueur, MN) Wells Lake (MN) West Jefferson Lake (MN) White Lake (Freeborn, MN)
Rivers (40)
Seas, Oceans (7)
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