Scott Lake nautical chart

The marine chart shows depth and hydrology of Scott Lake on the map, which is located in the Minnesota state (Crow Wing County). Coordinates: 46.3309, -93.8687.

157 surface area (acres)
47 max. depth (ft)
Nearby waterbodies (609)
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(Aitkin, MN) Pine Lake (Cass, MN) Pine Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Pine Mountain Lake (Cass, MN) Pitts Lake (MN) Platte Lake (MN) Pleasant Lake (Cass, MN) Pleasant Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Pleasant Lake (Stearns, MN) Pokegama Lake (Itasca, MN) Pokegama Lake (Minnesota) Pomroy Lake (MN) Ponto Lake (MN) Poor Farm Lake (MN) Porcupine Lake (Aitkin, MN) Portage Lake (Aitkin, MN) Portage Lake (Cass, MN) Portage Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Prairie Lake (Itasca County, MN) Prairie Lake (Saint Louis County, MN) Rabbit Lake (Aitkin, MN) Rabbit Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Rainy Lake (Cass, MN) Raspberry Lake (Aitkin, MN) Rat Lake (Aitkin, MN) Rat Lake (Cass, MN) Red Lake (Aitkin, MN) Red Sand Lake (MN) Remote Lake (Aitkin, MN) Reno Lake (MN) Rice Portage Lake (Cass, MN) Ripple Lake (MN) Robour Lake (MN) Rock Lake (Aitkin, MN) Rock Lake (Cass, MN) Rock Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Rock Lake (Todd, MN) Roosevelt Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Ross Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Rossier Lake (MN) Rush Hen Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Rush Lake (Chisago, MN) Ruth Lake (Cass, MN) Ruth Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Saint Anna Lake (MN) Sanborn Lake (MN) Sand Lake (Cass, MN) Sand Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Sandy Lake (Sherburne County, MI) Sandy River Lake Savanna Lake (MN) Schmid Lake (MN) School Section Lake (Stearns, MN) Schreiers Lake (MN) Schroeder Lake (MN) Scott Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Sebie Lake (MN) Second Crow Wing Lake (MN) Section Ten Lake (Aitkin, MN) Section Twelve Lake (Aitkin, MN) Serpent Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Seventh Crow Wing Lake (MN) Shallow Lake (Hubbard, MN) Shallow Lake (Itasca, MN) Shamineau Lake (MN) Sheldon Lake (MN) Sheriff Lake (MN) Shingobee Lake (MN) Shumway Lake (MN) Sibley Lake (MN) Silver Lake (Cass, MN) Sisabagamah Lake (MN) Siseebakwet Lake (MN) Sixmile Lake (Cass, MN) Sixth Crow Wing Lake (MN) Skogman Lake (MN) Skunk Lake (Cass, MN) Smith Lake (Itasca, MN) Smoky Hollow Lake (MN) Snake Lake (MN) Snowball Lake (Itasca, MN) Snowshoe Lake (Cass, MN) Snowshoe Lake (Kanabec, MN) South Lindstrom Lake (MN) South Long Lake (Crow Wing, MN) South Stanchfield Lake (MN) South Sugar Lake (MN) Spectacle Lake (Isanti, MN) Spider Lake (Cass County, MN) Spider Lake (Cass, MN) Spider Lake (Hubbard, MN) Spirit Lake (Aitkin, MN) Split Hand Lake (Itasca, MN) Star Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Star Lake (Todd county, MN) Stark Lake (MN) Starry Lake (MN) Starvation Lake (Aitkin, MN) Steamboat Lake (Aitkin, MN) Steamboat Lake (Cass, MN) Stevens Lake (Cass, MN) Stevens Lake (Itasca, MN) Stewart Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Stony Lake (Cass, MN) Stony Lake (Morrison, MN) Strawberry Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Studhorse Lake (Aitkin, MN) Stump Lake (Stearns, MN) Sugar Lake (Aitkin, MN) Sugar Lake (Cass, MN) Sugar Lake (Wright, MN) Sullivan Lake (Morrison, MN) Sunrise Lake (Chisago, MN) Sunset Lake (Aitkin, MN) Swamp Lake (Cass, MN) Sweetman Lake (MN) Swift Lake (MN) Sylvan Lake (Cass county, MN) Sylvan Lake (Cass, MN) Tamarack Lake (Carlton, MN) Tarr Lake (MN) Taylor Lake (Aitkin, MN) Ten Mile Lake (Cass, MN) Tenth Crow Wing Lake (MN) Third Crow Wing Lake (MN) Thirty-One Lake (MN) Thompson Lake (Sherburne, MN) Thunder Lake (Cass, MN) Thunder Lake (Todd, MN) Town Line Lake (Cass, MN) Town Line Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Townline Lake (Aitkin, MN) Trace Lake (MN) Trillium Lake (Cass, MN) Tripp Lake (Hubbard, MN) Trout Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Trout Lake (Itasca County, MN) Turner Lake (Aitkin, MN) Turner Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Turtle Lake (Aitkin, MN) Twenty Two Lake (MN) Twin Lake (Cass, MN) Twin Lake (Itasca, MN) Twin Lakes (Itasca, MN) Two River Lake (MN) Upper Cullen Lake (MN) Upper Dean Lake (MN) Upper Gull Lake (MN) Upper Hay Lake (MN) Upper Mission Lake (MN) Upper Panaca Lake Upper Pine Lake (MN) Upper Trelipe Lake (MN) Upstead Lake (Saint Louis, MN) Vanduse Lake (MN) Variety Lake (MN) Velvet Lake (MN) Vermillion Lake (MN) Wabedo Lake (MN) Waboose Lake (Hubbard, MN) Wakefield Lake (Aitkin, MN) Wallmark Lake (MN) Washburn Lake (Aitkin, MN) Washburn Lake (Cass, MN) Watab Lake (MN) Waukenabo Lake (MN) Webb Lake (MN) Weigand Lake (MN) Welsh Lake (MN) West Crooked Lake (MN) West Fox Lake (MN) West Twin Lake (Anoka County, MI) West Twin Lake (Crow Wing, MN) White Sand Lake (MN) Whitefish Lake (Mille Lacs, MN) Widow Lake (MN) Wilkins Lake (MN) Williams Lake (Hubbard, MN) Willow Lake (Itasca, MN) Wilson Lake (Cass, MN) Windy Lake (Cass, MN) Wolf Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Wolf Lake (Hubbard, MN) Woman Lake (MN) Wood Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Woodbury Lake (MN) Zebulon Pike Lake (MN)
Rivers (40)
Seas, Oceans (7)
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