Moss Lake nautical chart

The marine chart shows depth and hydrology of Moss Lake on the map, which is located in the Minnesota state (Cass County). Coordinates: 47.3171, -94.5758.

189 surface area (acres)
20 max. depth (ft)
Nearby waterbodies (704)
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(MN) Holland Lake (Itasca, MN) Holy Water Lake (MN) Hooligan Lake (MN) Horseshoe Lake (Cass, MN) Hovde Lake (MN) Howard Lake (Cass, MN) Hungry Man Lakes (Becker, MN) Hunter Lake (Cass, MN) Ice Cracking Lake (MN) Ida Lake (Hubbard, MN) Indian Jack Lake (MN) Indian Lake (Hubbard, MN) Island Lake (Beltrami, MN) Island Lake (Cass County, MN) Island Lake (Cass, MN) Island Lake (Crow Wing County, MN) Island Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Island Lake (Hubbard, MN) Island Lake (Itasca, MN) Island Lake (Trommald, MN) Jack Lake (Cass county, MN) Jack The Horse Lake (MN) Jackson Lake (Beltrami, MN) Jail Lake (MN) Jay Gould Lake (MN) Jessie Lake (Itasca, MN) Jingo Lake (MN) Johnson Lake (Cass, MN) Johnson Lake (Itasca County, MN) Johnson Lake (Itasca, MN) Juggler Lake (Becker, MN) Julia Lake (Beltrami, MN) Kabekona Lake (MN) Kego Lake (Cass county, MN) Kego Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Kenogama Lake (MN) Kid Lake (MN) Killdeer Lake (MN) Kimble Lake (MN) Kitchi Lake (MN) Knights Lake (Cass, MN) Kremer Lake (MN) La Croix Lake (MN) Lac a Roy Lake (MN) Lake Ada (MN) Lake Alice (Hubbard, MN) Lake Belle Taine (Hubbard, MN) Lake Bemidji (MN) Lake Campbell (Beltrami, MN) Lake Edward (Crow Wing, MN) Lake Four (Aitkin, MN) Lake George (Cass, MN) Lake George (Hubbard, MN) Lake Hattie (Cass, MN) Lake Hattie (Hubbard, MN) Lake Helen (Itasca, MN) Lake Irving (Beltrami, MN) Lake Itasca (Clearwater, MN) Lake Margaret (Cass county, MN) Lake Mary (Crow Wing, MN) Lake May (Cass, MN) Lake Minnie (Hubbard, MN) Lake Placid (MN) Lake Thirteen (Cass, MN) Lake Three (Aitkin, MN) Lake Twenty (Hubbard, MN) Lake Twentyone (Hubbard, MN) Lake Twentysix (Cass, MN) Lake Wahbegon (MN) Lake Winnibigoshish (MN) Larson Lake (Beltrami, MN) Larson Lake (Cass, MN) Lasalle Lake (MN) Lauchoh Lake (MN) Laura Lake (Cass, MN) Lawrence Lake (Cass, MN) Lawrence Lake (Itasca, MN) Leavitt Lake (MN) Leech Lake (Cass, MN) Leighton Lake (MN) Lillian Lake (Itasca, MN) Linbom Lake (MN) Lindberg Lake (MN) Lindgren Lake (Beltrami, MN) Lindsey Lake (MN) Little Ball Club Lake (MN) Little Bass Lake (Beltrami, MN) Little Bass Lake (Cass, MN) Little Bass Lake (Itasca County, MN) Little Basswood Lake (MN) Little Bemidji Lake (MN) Little Bowstring Lake (MN) Little Boy Lake (Cass, MN) Little Buzzle Lake (MN) Little Cottonwood Lake (MN) Little Cut Foot Sioux Lake (MN) Little Dinner Lake (MN) Little Gnat Lake (MN) Little Hanson Lake (MN) Little Horn Lake (MN) Little Jay Gould Lake (MN) Little Jessie Lake (MN) Little Lake Hattie (MN) Little Leighton Lake (MN) Little Long Lake (Becker, MN) Little Long Lake (Itasca, MN) Little Mantrap Lake (MN) Little Mckinney Lake (MN) Little Moose Lake (Beltrami, MN) Little Ox Lake (MN) Little Pelican Lake (MN) Little Pine Lake (Aitkin, MN) Little Pine Lake (Crow Wing county, MN) Little Pine Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Little Pine Lake (Otter Tail, MN) Little Rabbit Lake (MN) Little Rabideau Lake (MN) Little Ranier Lake (MN) Little Rice Lake (Itasca, MN) Little Rose Lake (Itasca, MN) Little Round Lake (Becker, MN) Little Round Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Little Sand Lake (Hubbard, MN) Little Sand Lake (Itasca, MN) Little Sand Lake (MN) Little Spring Lake (Itasca, MN) Little Star Lake (MN) Little Thunder Lake (MN) Little Toad Lake (MN) Little Too Much Lake (MN) Little Turtle Lake (Aitkin, MN) Little Turtle Lake (Beltrami, MN) Little Turtle Lake (Itasca, MN) Little Vermillion Lake (MN) Little Webb Lake (MN) Little Whitefish Lake (MN) Little Winnibigoshish Lake (MN) Little Wolf Lake (Hubbard, MN) Little Woman Lake (MN) Lizzie Lake (MN) Lomond Lake (Clearwater, MN) Lone Lake (Aitkin, MN) Long Lake Number Two (MN) Long Lake Upper (MN) Long Lost Lake (MN) Lookout Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Loon Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Loon Lake (Itasca, MN) Lord Lake (MN) Lougee Lake (MN) Lower Bottle Lake (MN) Lower Hay Lake (MN) Lower Mission Lake (MN) Lower Pigeon Lake (MN) Lower Sucker Lake (MN) Lower Trelipe Lake (MN) Lower Whipple Lake (MN) Lower Whitefish Lake (MN) Lows Lake (MN) Lucky Lake (MN) Lundeen Lake (Itasca, MN) Mabel Lake (MN) Man Lake (MN) Mantrap Lake (MN) Many Point Lake (MN) Maple Lake (Itasca, MN) Marie Lake (MN) Marion Lake (Cass, MN) Mayo Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Mcavity Lake (MN) Mccarty Lake (MN) Mcdonald Lake (Itasca, MN) Mckeown Lake (MN) Mckinney Lake (Aitkin, MN) Meadow Lake (Beltrami, MN) Medicine Lake (Beltrami, MN) Middle Cullen Lake (MN) Middle Pigeon Lake (MN) Midge Lake (MN) Mike Lake (Itasca, MN) Mille Lacs Lake (MN) Miller Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Minerva Lake (Clearwater, MN) Minnow Lake (Clearwater, MN) Mission Lake (Beltrami, MN) Mitchell Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Mitten Lake (MN) Moccasin Lake (MN) Monson Lake (Aitkin, MN) Moore Lake (Itasca, MN) Moose Lake (Beltrami, MN) Moose Lake (Itasca County, MN) Moose Lake (Itasca, MN) Moran Lake (Hubbard, MN) Morrison Lake (Becker, MN) Morrison Lake (Cass, MN) Moss Lake (Cass, MN) Moulton Lake (MN) Mountain Ash Lake Movil Lake (MN) Mow Lake (MN) Mule Lake (Cass county, MN) Myrtle Lake (Beltrami, MN) Mystery Lake (MN) Nagel Lake (Hubbard, MN) Natures Lake (MN) Nelson Lake (Beltrami, MN) Nelson Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Nelson Lake (Hubbard, MN) Newman Lake (Hubbard, MN) Ninth Crow Wing Lake (MN) Nisswa Lake (MN) Nokay Lake (MN) Noma Lake (MN) Nord Lake (MN) North Long Lake (MN) North Star Lake (MN) North Twin Lake (Becker, MN) North Twin Lake (Beltrami, MN) Norway Lake (Cass, MN) Ojibway Lake (Hubbard, MN) One Loaf Lake (MN) Orange Lake (MN) Ossawinnamakee Lake (MN) Otter Lake (Aitkin, MN) Otter Tail Lake (MN) Owl Lake (Hubbard, MN) Ox Lake (MN) Ox Yoke Lake (Cass, MN) Oxbow Lake (Itasca, MN) Ozawindib Lake (MN) Palmer Lake (Hubbard, MN) Paquet Lake (MN) Partridge Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Pelican Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Perry Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Peterson Lake (Clearwater, MN) Peterson Lake (Itasca, MN) Pickerel Lake (Becker, MN) Pickerel Lake (Cass, MN) Pickerel Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Pickerel Lake (Hubbard, MN) Pig Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Pike Bay (Cass county, MN) Pike Lake (Becker, MN) Pike Lake (Clearwater, MN) Pillager Lake (MN) Pimushe Lake (MN) Pine Island Lake (Aitkin, MN) Pine Lake (Cass, MN) Pine Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Pine Mountain Lake (Cass, MN) Plantagenet Lake (Hubbard, MN) Pleasant Lake (Cass, MN) Pleasant Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Pokegama Lake (Itasca, MN) Ponto Lake (MN) Poor Farm Lake (MN) Portage Lake (Cass, MN) Portage Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Portage Lake (Hubbard, MN) Portage Lake (Itasca, MN) Portage Lake (Otter Tail, MN) Potato Lake (Hubbard, MN) Poverty Lake (Itasca, MN) Pug Hole Lake (Beltrami, MN) Pug Hole Lake (Itasca, MN) Rabbit Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Rabideau Lake (MN) Rainy Lake (Cass, MN) Ranier Lake (MN) Raspberry Lake (Aitkin, MN) Rat Lake (Cass, MN) Red Sand Lake (MN) Reno Lake (MN) Rice Pond (MN) Rice Portage Lake (Cass, MN) Ripple Lake (MN) Roadside Lake (MN) Rock Lake (Cass, MN) Rockstad Lake (MN) Roland Lake (Itasca, MN) Roosevelt Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Ross Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Round Lake (Itasca, MN) Roy Lake (Mahnomen, MN) Rush Hen Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Rush Island Lake (MN) Ruth Lake (Cass, MN) Ruth Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Sanborn Lake (MN) Sand Lake (Beltrami, MN) Sand Lake (Cass, MN) Sand Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Sand Lake (Itasca county, MN) Sandy Lake (Beltrami County, MI) Sandy Lake (Beltrami, MN) Schoolcraft Lake (MN) Schroeder Lake (MN) Scott Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Second Crow Wing Lake (MN) Section Ten Lake (Aitkin, MN) Section Ten Lake (Becker, MN) Section Twelve Lake (Aitkin, MN) Serpent Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Seventh Crow Wing Lake (MN) Shallow Lake (Hubbard, MN) Shallow Pond Lake (MN) Shell Lake (Becker, MN) Shelly Lake (MN) Shingobee Lake (MN) Shipman Lake (MN) Sibley Lake (MN) Silver Lake (Cass, MN) Sioux Lake (Itasca, MN) Sisabagamah Lake (MN) Siseebakwet Lake (MN) Sivertson Lake (MN) Sixmile Lake (Cass, MN) Sixth Crow Wing Lake (MN) Skunk Lake (Cass, MN) Skunk Lake (Hubbard, MN) Smith Lake (Itasca County, MN) Smith Lake (Itasca, MN) Smoky Hollow Lake (MN) Snake Lake (MN) Snowshoe Lake (Cass, MN) Sockeye Lake (MN) Solberg Lake (Clearwater, MN) South Sugar Lake (MN) South Twin Lake (Becker, MN) South Twin Lake (Beltrami, MN) Spearhead Lake (MN) Spider Lake (Cass County, MN) Spider Lake (Cass, MN) Spider Lake (Hubbard, MN) Spider Lake (Itasca, MN) Spike Lake (Clearwater, MN) Spirit Lake (Aitkin, MN) Spirit Lake (Wadena, MN) Spring Lake (Twsp 90, MN) Spruce Island Lake (MN) Spruce Lake (Wirt, MN) Star Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Stark Lake (MN) Starry Lake (MN) Steamboat Lake (Cass, MN) Stevens Lake (Cass, MN) Stevens Lake (Itasca, MN) Stewart Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Stocking Lake (Beltrami, MN) Stocking Lake (Hubbard, MN) Stocking Lake (Wadena, MN) Stone Axe Lake (MN) Stony Lake (Cass, MN) Straight Lake (MN) Strawberry Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Stump Lake (Beltrami, MN) Sugar Lake (Cass, MN) Sugar Lake (Itasca, MN) Sunken Lake (MN) Sunset Lake (Aitkin, MN) Suomi Lake (MN) Swamp Lake (Cass, MN) Sweetman Lake (MN) Sweitzer Lake (MN) Swenson Lake (Beltrami, MN) Swift Lake (MN) Sylvan Lake (Cass county, MN) Sylvan Lake (Cass, MN) Talge Lake (MN) Tarr Lake (MN) Ten Lake (Beltrami, MN) Ten Mile Lake (Cass, MN) Tenmile Lake (Beltrami, MN) Tenth Crow Wing Lake (MN) Third Crow Wing Lake (MN) Three Island Lake (Beltrami, MN) Thunder Lake (Cass, MN) Toad Lake (MN) Towe Lake (MN) Town Line Lake (Cass, MN) Town Line Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Trillium Lake (Cass, MN) Tripp Lake (Hubbard, MN) Trout Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Trout Lake (Itasca, MN) Turner Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Turtle Lake (Itasca, MN) Turtle River Lake (MN) Twin Lake (Cass, MN) Two Inlets Lake (MN) Twomile Lake (MN) Upper Bottle Lake (MN) Upper Cullen Lake (MN) Upper Dean Lake (MN) Upper Gull Lake (MN) Upper Hay Lake (MN) Upper Lindgren Lake (MN) Upper Mission Lake (MN) Upper Pigeon Lake (MN) Upper Rice Lake (Clearwater, MN) Upper Trelipe Lake (MN) Variety Lake (MN) Velvet Lake (MN) Vermillion Lake (MN) Virgin Lake (Itasca, MN) Wabedo Lake (MN) Waboose Lake (Becker, MN) Waboose Lake (Hubbard, MN) Wagner Lake (Itasca, MN) Walker Brook Lake (MN) Waptus Lake (MN) Wart Lake (MN) Washburn Lake (Cass, MN) Waukenabo Lake (MN) Webb Lake (MN) Webster Lake (Beltrami, MN) Welch Lake (Itasca, MN) Welsh Lake (MN) West Crooked Lake (MN) West Fox Lake (MN) West Leaf Lake (MN) West Twin Lake (Crow Wing, MN) White Fish Lake (MN) White Sand Lake (MN) Whitefish Lake (Beltrami, MN) Whitefish Lake (Itasca, MN) Widow Lake (MN) Wilderness Lake (MN) Willborg Lake (MN) Williams Lake (Hubbard, MN) Willow Lake (Itasca, MN) Wilson Lake (Cass, MN) Windigo Lake (Beltrami, MN) Windy Lake (Cass, MN) Wolf Lake (Becker, MN) Wolf Lake (Beltrami, MN) Wolf Lake (Crow Wing, MN) Wolf Lake (Hubbard, MN) Woman Lake (MN) Wood Lake (Crow Wing, MN)
Rivers (40)
Seas, Oceans (7)
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