Moosehead Lake nautical chart

The marine chart shows depth and hydrology of Moosehead Lake on the map, which is located in the Maine state (Somerset, Piscataquis). Coordinates: 45.66862051, -69.66740932.

75471 surface area (acres)
246 max. depth (ft)
Nearby waterbodies (792)
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(Piscataquis, ME) Dagget Pond (ME) Daicey Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Daisey Pond (ME) Dam Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Davis Pond (Kennebec, ME) Davis Pond (Penobscot county, ME) Davis Pond (Penobscot, ME) Day Mountain Pond (ME) Daymond Pond (ME) Dead Stream Pond (ME) Debec Pond (ME) Deep Pond (ME) Deer Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Deer Pond (Somerset, ME) Demo Pond (ME) Depot Lake (ME) Desolation Pond (ME) Dixon Pond (Somerset, ME) Dodge Pond (Franklin, ME) Doe Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Dority Pond (ME) Doughnut Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Doughty Ponds (ME) Dow Pond (ME) Draper Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Drury Pond (ME) Dubois Pond (ME) Duck Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Duncan Lake (Somerset, ME) Durgin Pond (ME) Dwelley Pond (ME) East Branch Lake (Penobscot, ME) East Branch Pond (ME) East Carry Pond (ME) East Chairback Pond (ME) East Pond (Kennebec, ME) East Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Ebeemee Lake (ME) Echo Lake (Penobscot, ME) Echo Lake (Piscataquis, ME) Eddy Pond (Franklin, ME) Eighteen Pond (ME) Elbow Pond (ME) Ellis 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John Pond (ME) Fowler Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Frost Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Frost Pond (Somerset, ME) Frost Pond (T3 R11 WELS, ME) Gammon Pond (ME) Garland Pond (Penobscot, ME) Garland Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Gauntlet Pond (ME) George Pond (ME) Gilman Pond (Somerset, ME) Gordon Pond (Somerset, ME) Gould Pond (Penobscot, ME) Grace Pond (ME) Graham Lake (ME) Grand Lake Seboeis (ME) Grants Pond (Franklin, ME) Grass Pond (Aroostook, ME) Grass Pond (Somerset, ME) Grassy Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Great Moose Lake (ME) Great Pond (Kennebec, ME) Greely Pond (ME) Green Mountain Pond (ME) Green Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Greenbush Pond (ME) Greenlaw Pond (ME) Grenell Pond (ME) Grey Pond (ME) Gulf Pond (Franklin, ME) Hale Pond (Aroostook, ME) Hale Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Hale Pond (Somerset, ME) Haley Pond (Franklin, ME) Halfmile Pond (Hancock county, ME) Halfmoon Pond (Oxford, ME) Halfmoon Pond (Penobscot, ME) Hall Pond (Somerset, ME) Hancock Pond (Hancock, ME) Hancock Pond (Somerset, ME) Harding Pond 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ME) Hutch Pond (ME) Indian Pond (Bowdoin College Grant West Township, ME) Indian Pond (Franklin, ME) Indian Pond (Piscataquis county, ME) Indian Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Indian Pond (Somerset, ME) Ireland Lake (Penobscot, ME) Iron Pond (ME) Ironbound Pond (ME) Island Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Island Pond (Somerset, ME) Jackson Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Jacob Buck Pond (ME) Jaquith Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Jellison Hill Pond (ME) Jerry Pond (Penobscot county, ME) Jerry Pond (Penobscot, ME) Jesse Bog (Hancock, ME) Jewett Pond (ME) Jewett Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Jim Pond (ME) Jo Mary Pond (ME) Jo-Mary Lake (Penobscot, ME) Johns Pond (Franklin, ME) Johnson Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Johnston Pond (ME) Jones Pond (Franklin, ME) Jones Pond (Penobscot, ME) Jones Pond (Somerset, ME) Juniper Knee Pond (ME) Kamankeag Pond (ME) Katahdin Lake (ME) Kelly Pond (ME) Kennebago Lake (Franklin, ME) Kidder Pond (Kennebec, ME) Kidney Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Kilgore Pond (ME) Kimball Pond (Kennebec, ME) Kimball Pond (Penobscot county, ME) Kimball Pond (Penobscot, ME) King And Bartlett Lake (ME) King Pond (Somerset, ME) Kingsbury Pond (Somerset, ME) L Pond (Franklin, ME) Lake Cowles (ME) Lake Hebron (ME) Lake Onawa (ME) Lane Pond (Somerset, ME) Lang Pond (ME) Leadbetter Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Leavitt Pond (ME) Ledge Pond (Franklin, ME) Leonard Lake (ME) Leonard Pond (ME) Lily Pad Pond (ME) Little Austin Pond (ME) Little Beaver Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Little Benson Pond (ME) Little Berry Pond (Somerset, ME) Little Big Wood Pond (ME) Little Bowlin Pond (ME) Little Buffer Pond (ME) Little Burnt Pond (Hancock, ME) Little Burnt Pond (Penobscot, ME) Little Caribou Pond (ME) Little Chase Stream Pond (ME) Little Churchill Pond (ME) Little Dimmick Pond (ME) Little Dingley Pond (ME) Little Ellis Pond (ME) Little Fish Pond (Somerset, ME) Little Frost Pond (ME) Little Greely Pond (ME) Little Hammond Pond (Penobscot, ME) Little Hathorn Pond (ME) Little Houston Pond (ME) Little Hurd Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Little Indian Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Little Indian Pond (Somerset, ME) Little Island Pond (Franklin, ME) Little Jim Pond (ME) Little Kennebago Lake (ME) Little Lane Pond (ME) Little Lobster Lake (ME) Little Lyford Ponds (Piscataquis county, ME) Little Lyford Ponds (Piscataquis, ME) Little Machias Lake (ME) Little Mattamiscontis Lake (ME) Little Messer Pond (ME) Little Moose Pond (ME) Little Nesowadnehunk Pond (ME) Little Northwest Pond (Franklin, ME) Little Northwest Pond (Kennebec, ME) Little Pillsbury Pond (ME) Little Pleasant Pond (ME) Little Pushaw Pond (ME) Little Reed Pond (ME) Little Rocky Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Little Round Pond (Penobscot, ME) Little Saint John Lake (ME) Little Salmon Stream Lake (ME) Little Spencer Pond (ME) Little Swift River Pond (ME) Little Turner Pond (ME) Little Turner Pond (Somerset, ME) Little Wadleigh Pond (ME) Little Wassataquoik Lake (ME) Little Wilson Pond (Franklin, ME) Little Wilson Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Lobster Lake (ME) Locke Pond (Franklin, ME) Loly Pond (ME) Long Bog (Piscataquis, ME) Long Lake (Aroostook, ME) Long Pond (Aroostook, ME) Long Pond (Dole Brook Township, ME) Long Pond (Franklin, ME) Long Pond (Kennebec, ME) Long Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Long Pond (Sandy River Plt, ME) Long Pond (Seven Ponds Twp, ME) Long Pond (Somerset county, ME) Long Pond (Somerset, ME) Longley Pond (ME) Loon Lake (Franklin, ME) Loon Lake (Piscataquis, ME) Loon Pond (Somerset, ME) Lost Pond (Aroostook county, ME) Lost Pond (Penobscot, ME) Lost Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Lost Pond (Somerset, ME) Lower Ellis Pond (ME) Lower First Saint John Pond (ME) Lower Fowler Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Lower Hudson Pond (ME) Lower Patten Pond (Hancock, ME) Lower Pond (Franklin, ME) Lower Shin Pond (ME) Lower Springy Pond (ME) Lower Togue Pond (ME) Lucia Pond (ME) Lucky Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Lufkin Pond (ME) Lunksoos Lake (ME) Luther Pond (Somerset, ME) Manhanock Pond (ME) Mansell Pond (ME) Marden Pond (ME) Marr Pond (ME) Matagamon Lake (ME) Mattamiscontis Lake (ME) Mattaseunk Lake (ME) Matthews Pond (ME) Mayfield Pond (Somerset, ME) Mcgowan Pond (ME) McIntire Pond (ME) Mckenney Pond (ME) Mcpherson Pond (ME) Medunkeunk Lake (ME) Messer Pond (ME) Middle Branch Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Middle Carry Pond (ME) Middle Elbow Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Middle Fowler Pond (ME) Middle Jo Mary Lake (ME) Mill Brook Pond (ME) Millimagasset Lake (ME) Millinocket Lake (Penobscot, ME) Millinocket Lake (Piscataquis, ME) Mink Marshr Pond (ME) Misery Pond (Somerset, ME) Mitchell Pond (ME) Monkey Pond (ME) Monson Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Moore Pond (Somerset, ME) Moose Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Moosehead Lake Mooselookmeguntic Lake (ME) Mosquito Pond (Somerset, ME) Moulton Pond (ME) Mountain Brook Pond (ME) Mountain Dimmick Pond (ME) Mountain Pond (Franklin, ME) Mountain Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Mountain View Pond (Big Moose Township, ME) Mountain View Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Mower Pond (ME) Moxie Pond (Franklin, ME) Moxie Pond (Somerset, ME) Mud Greenwood Pond (ME) Mud Lake (Penobscot, ME) Mud Pond (Franklin, ME) Mud Pond (Jim Pond Township, ME) Mud Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Mud Pond (Somerset, ME) Munsungan Lake (ME) Murphy Pond (Rainbow, ME) Nahmakanta Lake (ME) Narrow Pond (ME) Natanis Pond (ME) Nesowadnehunk Pond (ME) Nokomis Pond (ME) Nollesemic Lake (ME) North Otter Pond (ME) North Pond (Franklin county, ME) North Pond (Franklin, ME) North Pond (Kennebec, ME) North Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Norton Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Ordway Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Otter Pond (Franklin, ME) Otter Pond (Piscataquis county, ME) Otter Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Otter Pond (Somerset county, ME) Otter Pond (Somerset, ME) Palmer Pond (ME) Parker Pond (Somerset, ME) Parks Pond (ME) Partridge Pond (Hancock, ME) Passamagamet Lake (ME) Pattee Pond (ME) Patten Pond (Penobscot, ME) Peaked Mountain Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Pease Pond (ME) Pemadumcook Lake (ME) Penobscot Lake (ME) Penobscot Pond (ME) Pepperpot Pond (ME) Pickerel Pond (Hancock, ME) Pickerel Pond (Penobscot, ME) Pickerel Pond (Somerset, ME) Picket Mountain Pond (ME) Pierce Pond (Somerset , ME) Piper Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Pitman Pond (ME) Pleasant Lake (Penobscot county, ME) Pleasant Lake (Penobscot, ME) Pleasant Lake (Piscataquis, ME) Pleasant Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Pleasant Pond (Somerset, ME) Plymouth Pond (Penobscot, ME) Podunk Pond (Franklin, ME) Poland Pond (ME) Pollywog Pond (ME) Pond In The River (ME) Portage Lake (Aroostook, ME) Porter Lake (Franklin, ME) Prentiss Pond (ME) Presley Lake (ME) Pretty Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Priestly Lake (ME) Prong Pond (ME) Pug Pond (ME) Punchbowl Pond (ME) Pushaw Lake (Penobscot, ME) Quimby Pond (ME) Ragged Lake (ME) Rainbow Lake (Piscataquis, ME) Rangeley Lake (ME) Redington Pond (Franklin county, ME) Redington Pond (Franklin, ME) Richardson Pond West (Oxford, ME) Ripley Pond (ME) Roach Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Robbins Brook Pond (ME) Robinson Pond (Somerset, ME) Rock Pond (Franklin, ME) Rock Pond (Somerset, ME) Rocky Pond (Hancock county, ME) Rocky Pond (Hancock, ME) Rocky Pond (Piscataquis county, ME) Rocky Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Rocky Pond (T2 R9 WELS, ME) Ross Pond (Franklin, ME) Round Mountain Pond (Aroostook, ME) Round Pond (Aroostook, ME) Round Pond (Chain of Ponds, ME) Round Pond (Franklin, ME) Round Pond (Kennebec, ME) Round Pond (Penobscot, ME) Round Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Round Pond (Somerset, ME) Round Pond (T9 R13 WELS, ME) Round Pond (Trout Brook, ME) Rowe Lake (ME) Rowe Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Rowe Pond (Somerset, ME) Rum Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Rush Pond (ME) Russell Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Russell Pond (Somerset, ME) Sabbath Day Pond (ME) Saddle Pond (ME) Saddleback Lake (Franklin, ME) Saddleback Pond (ME) Saint Francis Lake (ME) Salmon Pond (Piscataquis county, ME) Salmon Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Salmon Stream Lake (ME) Sand Pond (Franklin, ME) Sandy Bay (Maine) Sandy Pond (Somerset, ME) Sandy Stream Pond (ME) Sawtelle Deadwater (ME) Sawyer Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Schoodic Lake (Piscataquis, ME) Schoolhouse Pond (Franklin, ME) Scraggly Lake (ME) Sebasticook Lake (ME) Sebec Lake (Piscataquis, ME) Seboeis Lake (ME) Seboomook Lake (ME) Second Buttermilk Pond (ME) Second Currier Pond (ME) Second Musquacook Lake (ME) Second Pond (Hancock county, ME) Second Roach Pond (ME) Second Saint John Pond (ME) Second West Branch Pond (ME) Secret Pond (Franklin, ME) Secret Pond (Piscataquis county, ME) Secret Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Seventh Roach Pond (ME) Shadow Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Shallow Pond (Franklin, ME) Shaw Pond (Somerset, ME) Shiloh Pond (ME) Shirley Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Silver Lake (Piscataquis, ME) Sixth Debsconeag Pond (ME) Sixth Roach Pond (ME) Slaughter Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Smith Brook Pond (ME) Smith Pond (Penobscot, ME) Smith Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Smith Pond (Somerset county, ME) Smith Pond (Somerset, ME) Snowshoe Lake (ME) Soper Pond (ME) South Boundary Pond (ME) South Branch Lake (ME) South Pond (Franklin, ME) South Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Spaulding Pond (Somerset, ME) Spectacle Pond (Aroostook, ME) Spectacle Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Spectacle Pond (Somerset, ME) Spectacle Ponds (Piscataquis, ME) Spencer Lake (Somerset, ME) Spencer Pond (Franklin, ME) Spencer Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Spider Lake (ME) Spring Lake (Somerset, ME) Spring Pond (Penobscot, ME) Spring Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Spruance Pond (ME) Spruce Mountain Pond (ME) Spruce Pond (Somerset, ME) Squankin Pond (ME) Squirrel Pond (ME) Stafford Pond (ME) Staples Pond (Franklin, ME) Starbird Pond (ME) Sterling Pond (ME) Stetson Pond (Franklin, ME) Stink Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Stratton Brook Pond (ME) Stump Pond (Penobscot, ME) Sugar Berth Pond (ME) Surplus Pond (ME) Swan Lake (Waldo, ME) Swetts Pond (Penobscot, ME) Swift River Pond (ME) Tea Pond (Franklin, ME) Telos Lake and Round Lake (ME) Ten Thousand Acre Pond (ME) Thanksgiving Pond (ME) The Horns Pond (Franklin, ME) Third Currier Pond (ME) Third Lake (Matagamon, ME) Third Musquacook Lake (Aroostook, ME) Third Roach Pond (ME) Third Saint John Pond (ME) Third West Branch Pond (ME) Thissell Pond (ME) Three Debsconeag Lake (ME) Tim Pond (Franklin, ME) Titcomb Pond (ME) Tobey Pond (ME) Toddy Pond (Hancock, ME) Toddy Pond (Waldo, ME) Tom Young Pond (ME) Tomhegan Pond (ME) Toothaker Pond (Franklin, ME) Tote Road Pond (ME) Tracy Pond (Penobscot, ME) Tracy Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Trout Lake (Piscataquis, ME) Trout Pond (Penobscot county, ME) Trout Pond (Penobscot, ME) Trout Pond (Piscataquis county, ME) Trout Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Tufts Pond (ME) Tumbledown Dick Pond (ME) Tumbledown Pond (ME) Turkey Tail Lake (ME) Turner Pond (Somerset, ME) Turtle Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Twin Island Pond (ME) Twin Ponds (Piscataquis, ME) Umcolcus Lake (ME) Unity Pond (ME) Upper Bluffer Pond (ME) Upper Cold Stream Ponds (ME) Upper Cold Stream Ponds (Penobscot, ME) Upper Dingley Pond (Quebec, ME) Upper Ebeemee Lake (ME) Upper Elbow Pond (ME) Upper Ellis Pond (ME) Upper First Saint John Pond (ME) Upper Hammond Pond (ME) Upper Hudson Pond (ME) Upper Island Pond (ME) Upper Jo Mary Lake (ME) Upper Kilgore Pond (ME) Upper Mcnally Pond (Aroostook, ME) Upper Misery Pond (ME) Upper Patten Pond (ME) Upper Pond (Penobscot, ME) Upper Portage Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Upper Richardson Lake (ME) Upper Russel Pond (ME) Upper Shin Pond (ME) Upper Soper Pond (ME) Upper South Branch Pond (ME) Upper Togue Pond (ME) Varnum Pond (ME) Wadleigh Pond (Penobscot, ME) Wadleigh Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Wassataquoik Lake (ME) Wassookeag Lake (Penobscot, ME) Watson Pond (Kennebec, ME) Webb Lake (Franklin, ME) Webster Lake (ME) Weeks Brook (Penobscot, ME) Weeks Pond (ME) Welman Pond (ME) Wesserunsett Lake (ME) West Carry Pond (ME) West Chairback Pond (ME) West Garland Pond (ME) West Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Wethern Pond (ME) Weymouth Pond (Penobscot, ME) Whetstone Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Whipple Pond (Somerset, ME) White Horse Lake (ME) Whites Pond (Somerset, ME) Whittier Pond (Kennebec, ME) Wiley Pond Penobscot (ME) Williams Pond (ME) Wood Pond (Somerset, ME) Woodman Pond (Piscataquis county, ME) Woodman Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Yoke Ponds (ME) Youngs Pond (ME)
Rivers (40)
Seas, Oceans (7)
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