Moon Lake nautical chart

The marine chart shows depth and hydrology of Moon Lake on the map, which is located in the New York state (Jefferson). Coordinates: 44.2523, -75.744.

243 surface area (acres)
21 max. depth (ft)
Nearby waterbodies (146)
Allen Pond (Saint Lawrence, NY) Bald Mountain Pond (NY) Bassout Pond (NY) Bear Pond (Herkimer, NY) Beaverdam Pond (Herkimer, NY) Big Moose Lake (NY) Black Lake (Saint Lawrence, NY) Blake Falls Reservoir (NY) Bonner Lake (NY) Boyd Pond (Saint Lawrence, NY) Brantingham Lake (NY) Brother Ponds (Saint Lawrence, NY) Bubb Lake (NY) Buck Lake (NY) Bug Lake (NY) Bullhead Pond (Lewis, NY) Bullhead Pond (Saint Lawrence) Butterfield Lake (Jefferson, NY) Carry Falls Reservoir (NY) Cascade Lake (Hamilton, NY) Cedar Lake (Saint Lawrence, NY) Chase Upper Lake (NY) Chub Lake (Hamilton, NY) Chub Lake (Saint Lawrence, NY) Clear Lake (Herkimer county, NY) Clear Lake (Jefferson county, NY) Clear Pond (Lewis county, NY) Clear Pond (Saint Lawrence, NY) Constable Pond (NY) Cranberry Lake (NY) Crooked Lake (Herkimer, NY) Crystal Lake (Jefferson, NY) Crystal Lake (Saint Lawrence, NY) Curtis Lake (NY) Dart Lake (NY) Deer Pond (Hamilton, NY) Delta Reservoir (NY) Dillon Pond (Saint Lawrence, NY) Dodge Pond (Saint Lawrence, NY) Dog Pond (NY) East Pond (Herkimer, NY) Falls Lake (NY) Feullard Lake (NY) Fifth Lake (Hamilton county, NY) Five Falls Reservoir (Saint Lawrence, NY) Fourth Lake (Herkimer, NY) Francis Lake (NY) French Pond (NY) Gid Lake (NY) Grass Lake (NY) Grass Pond (Herkimer, NY) Green Pond (Herkimer, NY) Gregg Lake (NY) Gull Lake (Herkimer county, NY) Halfmoon Pond (Saint Lawrence, NY) Heath Pond (NY) Henderson Bay (New York) Higley Flow (Saint Lawrence, NY) Huckleberry Lake (Lewis, NY) Hyde Lake (NY) Independence Lake (NY) Indian Lake (Lewis county, NY) Jerseyfield Lake (NY) Jones Pond (Saint Lawrence, NY) Kayuta Lake (Oneida county, NY) Lake Bonaparte (Lewis county, NY) Lake Lila (NY) Lake Neatahwanta (NY) Lake Ontario Lake Rondaxe (Herkimer, NY) Lanes Pond (NY) Lily Lake (Herkimer, NY) Limekiln Lake (NY) Little Birch Pond (NY) Little Mouldy Pond (NY) Little Otter Lake (NY) Little Pine Lake (Lewis, NY) Long Lake (Lewis, NY) Long Lake (Oneida county, NY) Long Pond (Lewis, NY) Middle Branch Lake (NY) Millsite Lake (NY) Moon Lake (Jefferson county, NY) Moon Lake (Saint Lawrence, NY) Moss Lake (Herkimer county, NY) Mouldy Pond (NY) Mountain Lake (Herkimer, NY) Mounts Creek Lake (NY) Mud Lake (Lewis county, NY) Nicks Lake (NY) North Lake (Herkimer county, NY) Oneida Lake (NY) Panther Pond (Lewis, NY) Parsons Pond (NY) Payne Lake (Jefferson, NY) Pigeon Lake (NY) Pleasant Lake (Lewis, NY) Pleasant Lake (Saint Lawrence, NY) Portaferry Lake (NY) Queer Lake (NY) Rainbow Falls Reservoir (NY) Red Lake (NY) Rock Pond (Lewis county, NY) Rose Pond (NY) Round Lake (Oneida county, NY) Round Lake (Saint Lawrence, NY) Salmon Lake (Herkimer county, NY) Salmon River Reservoir (NY) Sand Lake (Herkimer, NY) Second Lake (Herkimer, NY) Shallow Pond (Herkimer, NY) Silver Lake (Herkimer county, NY) Sixberry Lake (NY) Sixth Lake (Hamilton county, NY) Soft Maple Reservoir (Lewis, NY) South Colton Reservoir (NY) South Lake (Herkimer, NY) South Pond (Herkimer, NY) South Pond (Oswego county, NY) Star Lake (Saint Lawrence, NY) Stark Falls Reservoir (NY) Stillwater Reservoir (NY) Stony Lake (NY) Streeter Lake (NY) Sucker Lake (NY) Sylvia Lake (NY) Thayer Lake (NY) Tom Kettle Lake (NY) Tooley Pond (Saint Lawrence, NY) Trout Lake (Lewis county, NY) Trout Lake (Saint Lawrence, NY) Twin Lakes (Herkimer, NY) Twin Lakes (Saint Lawrence, NY) Twin Pond (Herkimer county, NY) Twin Ponds (Herkimer, NY) Twin Ponds (Lewis county, NY) Twin Ponds (West, Lewis, NY) Twitchell Lake (NY) West Pond (Hamilton county, NY) West Pond (Herkimer, NY) Wheeler Pond (NY) White Lake (Oneida county, NY) Willys Lake (NY) Woodhull Lake (Herkimer, NY) Woodhull Lake (NY) Yellow Lake (NY)
Rivers (40)
Seas, Oceans (7)
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