Lake Ontario depth map (nautical chart)

On the nautical chart of Lake Ontario you can find the information about its depth and navigation. This marine chart works on the interactive map platform and is free of charge.

Lake Ontario is located on the border of the United States and Canada. The average depth on the lake is 282 ft, the maximum is 800 ft. The largest tributary is across the Niagara River, in the southwest. The flow is in the east and flows through the St. Lawrence River. Through the Trent Canal, it is connected to the Georgian Bay in Lake Huron.

Fishing season on Lake Ontario is short and only lasts 3 months: June-August.




Ontario, New York


Madison, Simcoe, Jefferson


43.658009201734, -77.849210464352


7,340 sq mi (19,000 km2)

Max. depth

802 ft (244 m)

Nearest cities

Rochester, Oswego, Webster (USA), Toronto, Hamilton, Kingston, Trenton (Canada)