Lake of the Woods depth map (nautical chart)

The depth map shows marine charts of Lake of the Woods, which is located in North America on the border of the United States and Canada. The nautical chart is free for use and is an online navigation for fishermen and for shipping.

It is the 7th largest lake in the United States. The coastline is rugged. The southern coast is characterized by sandy soil and low altitude. The northern coast is mostly indented, it has many channels, islands and peninsulas. Lake of the Woods is fed mainly from the Rainy River, flowing in the north through the Winnipeg River.

More than 14,000 islands are located on Lake Lesnoye.




Minnesota, Ontario, Manitoba


Roseau, Rainy River District, Kenora District


49.09713229381, -94.82438195065


1,679 sq mi (4,348.6 km2)

Max. depth

210 ft (64 m)

Nearest cities

Warrod, Wheelers Point (USA), Kenora (Canada)