Interfalls Lake nautical chart

The marine chart shows depth and hydrology of Interfalls Lake on the map, which is located in the Wisconsin state (Douglas). Coordinates: 46.533, -92.1192.

23 surface area (acres)
10 max. depth (ft)
Nearby waterbodies (568)
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Lake (Town of Maple Plain, WI) Kleffman Lake (MN) Lac Courte Oreilles Lac Lake (Carlton, MN) Lake Augusta (Saint Louis, MN) Lake Chippewa (WI) Lake Eleven (Kanabec, MN) Lake Eleven (Pine, MN) Lake Minnesuing (WI) Lake Nancy (WI) Lake Newman (WI) Lake Owen (Bayfield, WI) Lake Placid (WI) Lake Ruth (WI) Lake Superior Lake Twentynine (MN) Lakeside Lake (WI) Lax Lake (Lake county, MN) Lazy Island Lake Leach Lake (Washburn County, WI) Leader Lake Leisure Lake Leora Lake (MN) Libby Lake (Itasca, MN) Lily Lake (Burnett County, WI) Lincoln Lake (Washburn County, WI) Linwood Lake (Minnesota) Lipsett Lake Little Bass Lake (Washburn, Trego, WI) Little Bass Lake (Washburn, WI) Little Bear Lake (Burnett County, WI) Little Butternut Lake (Polk County,WI) Little Fowler Lake (MN) Little Grand Lake (MN) Little Hanging Horn Lake Little Island Lake (Itasca, MN) Little Lake (Saint Louis , MN) Little Pine Lake (Pine, MN) Little Pine Lake (Town of Milltown) Little Prairie Lake (Aitkin, MN) Little Round Lake 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Lake (Sawyer, WI) Mckinley Lake (Washburn County, WI) Mcquade Lake (MN) Merrill Lake (MN) Merwin Lake (MN) Middle Eau Claire Lake Middle Kimball Lake Middle Mckenzie Lake Miles Lake (Washburn County, WI) Miller Lake (Washburn County, WI) Millicent Lake (WI) Minong Flowage (WI) Mirror Lake (Saint Louis, MN) Mirror Lake (Sawyer, WI) Monday Lake (WI) Moon Lake (Bayfield, WI) Moose Lake (Carlton, MN) Moose Lake (Douglas County, WI) Moosehead Lake (MN) Moran Lake (Saint Louis, MN) Morgan Lake (Saint Louis, MN) Mud Hen Lake (Saint Louis, MN) Mud Hen Lake (WI) Mud Lake (Pine, MN) Munson Lake (Carlton County, MN) Murphy Lake (Lake County, MN) Murphy Lake (Saint Louis, MN) Muskellunge Lake (Bayfield, WI) Namekagon Lake (WI) Nebagamon (WI) Nelson Lake (Aitkin, MN) Nelson Lake (Bayfield, WI) Nelson Lake (Sawyer County, WI) Net Lake (Pine, MN) Nicaboyne Lake Nice Lake Nichols Lake (MN) North Lake (Barron County, WI) North Lake (Sawyer County, WI) North Twin Lakes (Washburn County, WI) Oak Lake (Burnett, WI) Oak Lake (Pine, MN) Oak Lake (Town of Chicog, Washburn) Orienta Flowage Lake Otto Lake (Saint Louis, MN) Owl Lake (Burnett County, WI) Park Lake (Carlton, MN) Pavlas Lake Pear Lake Pequaywan Lake (MN) Person Lake (WI) Peterson Lake (Bayfield, WI) Peterson Lake (Town of Meenon, WI) Pickerel Lake (Douglas, WI) Pickerel Lake (Polk County, WI) Picture Lake (WI) Pigeon Lake (Bayfield County, WI) Pike Lake (Bayfield County, WI) Pike Lake (Saint Louis, MN) Pine Lake (Aitkin, MN) Pine Lake (Saint Louis, MN) Pine Lake (Town of Bone Lake, WI) Pleasant Lake (Saint Louis, MN) Pokegama Lake (Burnett County, WI) Pokegama Lake (Minnesota) Pokegama Lake (Washburn County, WI) Poplar River Pond 28 Porcupine Lake (Town of Grandview, WI) Potato Lake (Washburn County, WI) Prairie Lake (Saint Louis County, MN) Price Lake (WI) Prinel Lake Randall Lake (Washburn County, WI) Red Cedar Lake (Barron County, WI) Red Lake (Douglas County, WI) Red Lake (Washburn County, WI) Reed Lake (Sawyer, WI) Rice Lake (Barron County, WI) Rice Lake (Burnett, WI) Rice Lake (Washburn County, WI) Rice Lake Reservoir (Sawyer, WI) Ripley Lake (Town of Madge, WI) Ripley Lake (Town of Sarona, WI) Robinson Lake (Bayfield County, WI) Robour Lake (MN) Rock Lake (Bayfield, WI) Rock Lake (Itasca, MN) Rock Lake (Pine county, MN) Rocky Ridge Lake Rogers Lake (Carlton, MN) Rooney Lake (Burnett County, WI) Round Lake (Douglas, WI) Round Lake (Sawyer County, WI) Rush Lake (Chisago, MN) Rush Lake (Douglas County, WI) Rush Lake (Pine, MN) Saint Croix Flowage (WI) Sale Lake (MN) Sand Bar Lake Sand Lake (Barron, WI) Sand Lake (Bayfield, WI) Sand Lake (Burnett, Thompson Road) Sand Lake (Carlton, MN) Sand Lake (Douglas, WI) Sand Lake (Sawyer County, WI) Sand Lake (Washburn County, WI) Sandy Lake (Carlton County, MI) Sawyer Lake (Douglas, WI) Schelin Lake (MN) Schultz Lake (Saint Louis, MN) Scott Lake (Douglas, WI) Scott Lake (Saint Louis, MN) Scott Lake (Sawyer, WI) Scout Lake (Douglas County, WI) Section Fourteen Lake (MN) Seven Beaver Lake (MN) Shallow Lake (Washburn County, WI) Shell Lake (WI) Silver Lake (Saint Louis County) Silver Lake (Virginia, MN) Simian Lake (Saint Louis County, MN) Sixmile Lake (Saint Louis, MN) Sleepy Eye Lake Slim Lake (Washburn, WI) Smith Lake (Sawyer County, WI) Smith Lake (Sawyer, WI) Snipe Lake (Douglas, WI) Sofie Lake (MN) Soper Lake (MN) South Twin Lake (Saint Louis, MN) Spencer Lake (Burnett, WI) Spider Lake (Bayfield, Eliot, WI) Spider Lake (Bayfield, WI) Spider Lake (Douglas, WI) Spider Lake (Sawyer County, WI) Spirit Lake (Bayfield, WI) Spirit Lake (Burnett County, WI) Spooner Lake Spring Lake (Carlton County, WI) Spring Lake (Town of Namakagon, WI) Spring Lake (Town of Springbrook, WI) Spruce Lake (Carlton, MN) St Marys Lake (Saint Louis, MN) Star Lake (Bayfield County, WI) Star Lake (Sawyer, WI) Steele Lake (WI) Stevens Lake (Pine, MN) Stewart Lake (Lake County, MN) Stone Lake (Saint Louis, MN) Stone Lake (Washburn County, WI) Strand Lake (Saint Louis, MN) Stump Lake (Barron County, WI) Sturgeon Lake (Pine, MN) Sullivan Lake (Lake county, MN) Sunfish Lake (Bayfield, WI) Sunfish Lake (Washburn County, WI) Sunset Lake (Saint Louis, MN) Sunshine Lake (MN) Tahkodah Lake (WI) Tamarack Lake (Carlton, MN) Teal Lake (Sawyer, WI) Tetagouche Lake (MN) Thirtysix Lake (Carlton, MN) Thompson Lake (Saint Louis, MN) Thomson Reservoir (MN) Tiger Cat Flowage (WI) Tomahawk Lake (Bayfield County, WI) Tomahawk Lake (Washburn, WI) Torchlight Lake (MN) Totagatic Lake (WI) Tower Lake (Bayfield, WI) Tozer Lake Tranus Lake (WI) Trego Lake Trout Lake (Bayfield, WI) Twin Bear Lake (WI) Twin Lake (Barron County, WI) Twin Lake (Town of Cedar Lake, WI) Twin Lakes (Saint Louis County) Upper Eau Claire Lake Upper Phantom Lake (Bayfield, WI) Upper Pine Lake (Burnett County, WI) Upper Pine Lake (MN) Upper Saint Croix Lake Upper Waterman Lake Upstead Lake (Saint Louis, MN) Venoah Lake (MN) Webb Lake (Burnett County, WI) Webb Lake (Douglas, WI) West Bass Lake (Saint Louis, MN) West Two River Reservoir Whiteface Reservoir Whitefish Lake (Douglas County, WI) Whitefish Lake (Sawyer County, WI) Whitewater Lake (MN) Wild Rice Lake (MN) Wilderness Lake (WI) Wiley Lake (WI) Wilkerson Lake Wilson Lake (Sawyer, WI) Windigo Lake (WI) Wolf Lake (Saint Louis, MN) Wood Lake (Burnett County, WI) Woodbury Lake (MN) Yellow Lake (WI)
Rivers (40)
Seas, Oceans (7)
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