Lake Huron depth map (nautical chart)

The map shows the depth and marine chart of Lake Huron which is located in the United States and Canada. The nautical chart can help you navigate the Huron lake, plot a route for fishing or travel.

It’s second largest of the five Great Lakes. As for the area, it is second only to Lake Superior, with which Huron is connected by the Saint-Meris River. There are many islands on the lake, there are also two large bays. The average depth of the lake is about 195 ft, the maximum is 750 ft. The northern and western shores are characterized by rocky relief and woodland, the southern and eastern shores are sandy in places, low.

The name of the lake "Huron" was invented by the French and comes from the name of the Indian tribe of the Hurons.




Michigan, Ontario


Gratiot, Oxford, Mackinac, Sudbury District


44.729292738167, -82.683047377859


51,700 sq mi (134,100 km2)

Max. depth

750 ft (229 m)

Nearest cities

Alpina, East Tavas, Harbor Beach, Rogers City (USA), Sarnia, Kincardin, Tobermory (Canada)