Hopkins Pond nautical chart

The marine chart shows depth and hydrology of Hopkins Pond on the map, which is located in the Maine state (Penobscot, Hancock). Coordinates: 44.7897, -68.4514.

429 surface area (acres)
59 max. depth (ft)
Nearby waterbodies (469)
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(Hancock, ME) Horseshoe Lake (WA County, ME) Horseshoe Pond (Piscataquis county, ME) Horseshoe Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Horseshoe Pond (Washington, ME) Hosea Pug Lake (ME) Hosmer Pond (ME) House Pond (ME) Howard Pond (Knox, ME) Hurd Pond (Hancock, ME) Hurd Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Indian Pond (Bowdoin College Grant West Township, ME) Indian Pond (Piscataquis county, ME) Indian Pond (Somerset, ME) Isle Au Haut Bay (ME) Jackson Brook Lake (ME) Jacob Buck Pond (ME) Jaquith Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Jellison Hill Pond (ME) Jericho Bay (ME) Jerry Pond (Penobscot, ME) Jesse Bog (Hancock, ME) Jo Mary Pond (ME) Jo-Mary Lake (Penobscot, ME) Johnston Pond (ME) Jones Pond (Hancock, ME) Junior Lake (Washington, ME) Kalers Pond (ME) Keg Lake (ME) King Pond (Hancock, ME) Knight Pond (ME) Lake Cathance (ME) Lake Onawa (ME) Lambert Lake (Washington, ME) Lawry Pond (ME) Leavitt Pond (ME) Ledge Pond (Waldo, ME) Leonard Lake (ME) Lermond Pond (ME) Lily Lake (Washington, ME) Lily Pond (Hancock county, ME) Lily 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Branch Pond (ME) Lower Oxbrook Lake (ME) Lower Patten Pond (Hancock, ME) Lower Pistol Lake (ME) Lower Sabao Lake (Hancock, ME) Lower Springy Pond (ME) Lower Unknown Lake (ME) Lucia Pond (ME) Maces Pond (ME) Madagascal Pond (ME) Manhanock Pond (ME) Mansell Pond (ME) Mansfield Pond (ME) Marden Pond (ME) Marks Lake (Washington, ME) Marr Pond (ME) Mattamiscontis Lake (ME) Mattaseunk Lake (ME) Mccurdy Pond (ME) Medomak Pond (ME) Medunkeunk Lake (ME) Megunticook Lake (ME) Middle Branch Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Middle Chain Lake (Hancock, ME) Middle Jo Mary Lake (ME) Middle Oxhead Pond (ME) Middle Pistol Lake (ME) Middle Unknown Lake (ME) Mill Brook Pond (ME) Mill Privilege Lake (ME) Millinocket Lake (Penobscot, ME) Mirror Lake (Knox, ME) Mitchell Pond (ME) Molunkus Lake (ME) Monkey Pond (ME) Montegail Pond (ME) Moody Pond (Waldo, ME) Moosehead Lake Mopang Lake (ME) Mopang Second Lake (ME) Moulton Pond (ME) Mountain Brook Pond (ME) Mountain View Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Mower Pond (ME) Mud Greenwood Pond (ME) Murphy Pond (Rainbow, ME) Muscongus Bay (Maine) Myers Pond (ME) Myrick Lake (Hancock, ME) Nahmakanta Lake (ME) Narraguagus Bay (ME) Nokomis Pond (ME) Nollesemic Lake (ME) North Beaverdam Lake (ME) North Pond (Knox, ME) Norton Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Norton Pond (Waldo, ME) Noyes Pond (Hancock, ME) Number Three Pond (ME) Otter Lake (Washington, ME) Parks Pond (ME) Partridge Pond (Hancock, ME) Passamagamet Lake (ME) Patten Pond (Penobscot, ME) Peaked Mountain Pond (Washington, ME) Pemadumcook Lake (ME) Pemaquid Pond (ME) Penobscot Bay (Maine) Penobscot Pond (ME) Pickerel Pond (Hancock, ME) Pickerel Pond (Penobscot, ME) Pickerel Pond (Washington, ME) Pitcher Pond (Waldo, ME) Pleasant Lake (Penobscot county, ME) Pleasant Lake (Washington county, ME) Pleasant Lake (Washington, ME) Pleasant Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Plunkett Pond (ME) Plymouth Pond (Penobscot, ME) Pocomoonshine Lake (ME) Pollywog Pond (ME) Porter Pond (Hancock, ME) Possum Lake (ME) Prentiss Pond (ME) Pretty Pond (Washington, ME) Pug Pond (ME) Pughole Pond (ME) Pushaw Lake (Penobscot, ME) Quantabacook Lake (Waldo, ME) Ragged Lake (ME) Reed Pond (Aroostook, ME) Rift Pond (ME) Ripley Pond (ME) Roach Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Rocky Lake (WA County, ME) Rocky Pond (Hancock county, ME) Rocky Pond (Hancock, ME) Rocky Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Round Pond (Hancock county, ME) Round Pond (Hancock, ME) Round Pond (Knox county, ME) Round Pond (Knox, ME) Round Pond (Penobscot, ME) Rush Pond (ME) Saint George Lake (ME) Salmon Pond (Hancock, ME) Salmon Pond (Washington, ME) Salmon Stream Lake (ME) Sanborn Pond (Waldo, ME) Sandy Pond (Waldo, ME) Saponac Pond (ME) Schoodic Lake (Piscataquis, ME) Schoodic Lake (Washington, ME) Sebasticook Lake (ME) Sebec Lake (Piscataquis, ME) Seboeis Lake (ME) Second Buttermilk Pond (ME) Second Lake (Washington, ME) Second Machias Lake (ME) Second Marks Lake (ME) Second Pond (Hancock county, ME) Second Pond (Hancock, ME) Second Roach Pond (ME) Second West Branch Pond (ME) Secret Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Sennebec Pond (Knox, ME) Seven Tree Pond (ME) Seventh Roach Pond (ME) Shaw Lake (ME) Sheepscot Pond (Waldo, ME) Side Pistol Lake (ME) Sidensparker Pond (ME) Silver Lake (Penobscot, ME) Silver Lake (Piscataquis, ME) Silver Pug Lake (ME) Six Mile Lake (ME) Sixth Debsconeag Pond (ME) Sixth Roach Pond (ME) Smith Pond (Penobscot, ME) Somes Sound (ME) South Branch Lake (ME) South Pond (Knox, ME) South Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Southwest Pond (Washington, ME) Spring Lake (Hancock, ME) Spring River Lake (ME) Spruance Pond (ME) Spruce Mountain Pond (ME) Spruce Mtn Lake (ME) Squankin Pond (ME) Stevens Pond (Waldo, ME) Stiles Lake (ME) Stump Pond (Penobscot, ME) Sucker Lake (ME) Swan Lake (Waldo, ME) Swetts Pond (Penobscot, ME) Sysladobsis Lake (Washington, ME) Third Chain Lake (ME) Third Lake (ME) Third Machias Lake (ME) Third Pond (ME) Third Roach Pond (ME) Third West Branch Pond (ME) Three Debsconeag Lake (ME) Tilden Pond (Hancock, ME) Tilden Pond (Waldo, ME) Titcomb Pond (ME) Toddy Pond (Hancock, ME) Toddy Pond (Waldo, ME) Tomah Lake (ME) Tracy Pond (Penobscot, ME) Trout Lake (Piscataquis, ME) Trout Lake (Washington, ME) Trout Pond (Hancock, ME) Trout Pond (Penobscot county, ME) Trout Pond (Piscataquis county, ME) Tumbledown Dick Pond (ME) Tunk Lake (Hancock, ME) Turkey Tail Lake (ME) Turtle Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Twin Ponds (Piscataquis, ME) Unity Pond (ME) Upper Chain Lake (ME) Upper Cold Stream Ponds (ME) Upper Cold Stream Ponds (Penobscot, ME) Upper Ebeemee Lake (ME) Upper Jo Mary Lake (ME) Upper Mason Pond (Waldo, ME) Upper Middle Branch Pond (ME) Upper Oxbrook Lake (ME) Upper Oxhead Pond (ME) Upper Patten Pond (ME) Upper Pistol Lake (ME) Upper Pond (Penobscot, ME) Upper Pug Lake (ME) Upper Sabao Lake (ME) Upper Sysladobsis Lake (ME) Upper Unknown Lake (ME) Vining Lake (ME) Wabassus Lake (ME) Wadleigh Pond (Penobscot, ME) Wadleigh Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Washington Pond (ME) Wassookeag Lake (Penobscot, ME) Webb Pond (ME) Webber Pond (Lincoln, ME) Weir Pond (ME) West Bay Pond (Hancock, ME) West Chairback Pond (ME) West Garland Pond (ME) West Grand Lake (ME) West Musquash Lake (ME) West Pike Brook Pond (ME) West Pond (Piscataquis, ME) Western Bay (Hancock county, ME) Western Bay (Washington county, ME) Weymouth Pond (Penobscot, ME) Whites Pond (Somerset, ME) Wight Pond (ME) Williams Pond (ME) Wilson Pond (Hancock, ME) Wohoa Bay (ME) Wytopitlock Lake (ME) Yoke Ponds (ME) Youngs Pond (ME)
Rivers (40)
Seas, Oceans (7)
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