Lake Erie depth map (nautical chart)

The nautical chart of lake Erie can help fishermen and travellers. This marine chart can help you navigate and it's free of charge. Our interactive depth map shows Erie lake - fourth largest in the Great Lakes system and 11th in the world (including the Caspian Sea).

The main tributary is the Detroit River, which flows out of the Huron Lakes. Runoff across the Niagara River. In the west, it is connected by the Detroit River with Lake St. Clair. The average depth in the lake is comparatively shallow – 62 ft, maximum – 210 ft. The shores are weakly indented, high. Located at an altitude of 557,7 ft above sea level.

The coastal area of ​​Lake Erie is ice-covered from December to late March / early April.




Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New York


Wood, Jefferson, Lapeer, Erie


42.107714914971, -81.210857066458


9,910 sq mi (25,667 km2)

Max. depth

210 ft (64 m)

Nearest cities

Clevelan, Buffalo, Toledo (USA), Leamington, Nanticoke (Canada)