Lake Erie nautical chart

The marine chart shows depth and hydrology of Lake Erie on the map, which is located in the Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New York state (Wood, Jefferson, Lapeer, Erie). Coordinates: 42.10771491, -81.21085707.

9910 surface area (sq mi)
210 max. depth (ft)
Nearby waterbodies (408)
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New London Upground Reservoir (OH) Niagara River Nichols Lake (Ingham, MI) Nimisila Reservoir (Summit, OH) North Commerce Lake (MI) North Lake (Washtenaw, MI) Norwalk Lower Reservoir (OH) Oak Grove Millpond (MI) Onemile Lake (MI) Orange Lake (MI) Orchard Lake (Oakland, MI) Ore Lake (MI) Otter Lake (Lapeer, MI) Oxbow Lake (Oakland, MI) Pardee Lake (Livingston, MI) Parke Lake (MI) Parks Lake (MI) Patterson Lake (Livingston, MI) Pero Lake (MI) Phipps Lake (MI) Pickerel Lake (Washtenaw, MI) Pleasant Hill Lake (OH) Pleasant Lake (Jackson, MI) Pleasant Lake (Livingston, MI) Pleasant Lake (Washtenaw, MI) Pond Lilly Lake (MI) Pontiac Lake (MI) Posey Lake (MI) Potters Lake (Lapeer, MI) Powder Horn Lake (MI) Powers Reservoir (OH) Proud Lake (Oakland, MI) Punderson Lake (OH) Pymatuning Reservoir (OH, PA) Raccoon Creek Reservoir (OH) Rattalee Lake (MI) Raystown Lake (PA) Red House Lake (NY) Reed Lake (Livingston, MI) Reed Lake (Oakland, MI) Rex Lake (OH) Roaming Rock (Ashtabula, OH) Rose Lake (Clinton, MI) Round Lake (Jackson, MI) Round Lake (Lenawee County, MI) Round Lake (Lenawee, MI) Rushford Lake (NY) Ryan Lake (Livingston, MI) Saint Clair Lake Sandy Bottom Lake (MI) Sawdel Lake (MI) School Lake (Livingston, MI) Schoolhouse Lake (Jackson, MI) Schoolhouse Lake (Oakland, MI) Scott Lake (Oakland, MI) Seven Lake (Oakland, MI) Seven Ponds Lake (MI) Seymour Lake (MI) Sheets Lake (MI) Shenango River Lake (Mercer, PA) Shinanguag Lake (MI) Shoe Lake (MI) Silver Creek Lake (OH) Silver Lake (Livingston, MI) Silver Lake (Washtenaw, MI) Silver Lake (Wyoming, NY) Simonson Lake (MI) Sippo Lake (OH) Sixteen Lake (Oakland, MI) Skinner Lake (Lapeer, MI) Snyder Lake (Washtenaw, MI) Sodon Lake (MI) South Lake (Washtenaw, MI) South Pond (Washtenaw, MI) Spear Lake (Lapeer, MI) Spring Mill Pond (MI) Springfield Lake (OH) Square Lake (Oakland, MI) Squaw Lake (Oakland, MI) Stewart Lake (Oakland, MI) Stony Creek Lake (MI) Stony Lake (Jackson, MI) Stony Lake (Lenawee, MI) Stony Lake (Oakland, MI) Strawberry Lake (Livingston, MI) Strawberry Lake (Oakland, MI) Sugarloaf Lake (Washtenaw, MI) Sugden Lake (MI) Sullivan Lake (Washtenaw, MI) Sweezey Lake (MI) Tamarack Lake (Livingston, MI) Tamarack Lake (Oakland, MI) Teeple Lake (MI) Ten Mile Lake (MI) Tims Lake (MI) Tioga Lake (MI) Tipsico Lake (MI) Tobin Lake (MI) Tomlinson Run Lake (West VA) Townsend Lake (Oakland, MI) Trumbull Lake (MI) Tupper Lake (Genesee, MI) Turkeyfoot Lake (OH) Two Lick Creek Reservoir (PA) Tyrone Lake (MI) Union Lake (Oakland, MI) Upper Pettibone Lake (MI) Upper Reservoir (OH) Upper Sandusky Reservoir 1 ( OH) Upper Sandusky Reservoir 2 (OH) Upper Silver Lake (Oakland, MI) Upper Straits Lake (MI) Valley Lake (Oakland, MI) Van Buren Lake (OH) Vandercook Lake (Jackson, MI) Vineyard Lake (MI) Walled Lake (Oakland, MI) Walsh Lake (MI) Walters Lake (MI) Wamplers Lake (MI) Washington Lake (Lenawee, MI) Waterbury Lake (MI) Watkins Lake (Oakland, MI) Watson Lake (Livingston, MI) Welch Lake (MI) West Crooked Lake (MI) West Lake (Lapeer, MI) West Lake (Washtenaw, MI) West Reservoir (OH) White Lake (Jackson, MI) White Lake (Oakland, MI) Whitewood Lakes (MI) Whitmore Lake (Washtenaw, MI) Wild Goose Lake (MI) Wildwood Lake (Oakland, MI) Wildwood Lake (Washtenaw, MI) Williams Lake (Oakland, MI) Williams Reservoir (OH) Williamsville Lake (MI) Wilson Lake (Oakland, MI) Winans Lake (MI) Wingfoot Lake (Portage, OH) Winnewana Lake (MI) Wolverine Lake (Oakland, MI) Woodcock Creek Lake (PA) Woodland Lake (Livingston, MI) Wormer Lake (MI) Yellow Creek Lake (PA) Zukey Lake (MI)
Rivers (40)
Seas, Oceans (7)
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