Devils Lake depth map (nautical chart)

The marine chart shows depth and hydrology of Devils Lake (ND). The map is interactive and free for use, is for informational purposes. You can buy an app with great functionality from our partners (look for he link at the bottom of the map).

Depths of Devils Lake may vary depending on rainfall. Under normal conditions the lake is fairly shallow and salt, but during periods of heavy rainfall it can be as deep as 60 ft. During such periods, the salinity of water significantly decreases.

Despite the salt and mineral levels, fishing in the lake is popular




North Dakota


Benson, Ramsey


48.057928811217, -98.953856165101


3,810 sq mi (9,900 km²)

Max. depth

59 ft (18m)

Nearest cities

Devils Lake, Minnewaukan, Brinsmade, Churchs Ferry, Oberon, Warwick etc.