Clear Pond nautical chart

The marine chart shows depth and hydrology of Clear Pond on the map, which is located in the New York state (Essex). Coordinates: 44.383, -73.5946.

17 surface area (acres)
39 max. depth (ft)
Nearby waterbodies (231)
Adirondack Lake (NY) Arrowhead Mountain Lake (VT) Augur Lake (NY) Avalanche Lake (NY) Barker Pond (NY) Barnum Pond (NY) Bass Lake (Essex county, NY) Bass Lake (Franklin county, NY) Bear Pond (Franklin, NY) Bear Pond (Warren county, NY) Beebe Pond (VT) Benz Pond (NY) Berrymill Pond (NY) Bessie Pond (NY) Big Pond (Essex county, NY) Big Sherman Pond (NY) Birch Pond (Essex, NY) Black Pond (Essex, NY) Black Pond (Franklin county, NY) Blue Ledge Pond (NY) Blue Mountain Lake (NY) Brant Lake (Warren, NY) Brother Ponds (Essex county, NY) Buck Pond (Franklin county, NY) Buck Pond (Hamilton county, NY) Bullhead Pond (Essex county, NY) Burge Pond (NY) Burnt Pond (Warren, NY) Burr Pond (Rutland, VT) Buttermilk Pond (NY) Carmi Lake (Franklin, VT) Carry Pond (NY) Cascade Pond (NY) Catamount Pond (Franklin, NY) Cedar Lake (VT) Cedar Lakes (NY) Challis Pond (NY) Champlain Lake Chapel Pond (NY) Chazy Lake (NY) Cheney Pond (Essex, NY) Chipman Lake (VT) Chittenden Reservoir (VT) Church Pond (Franklin, NY) Clear Pond (Essex county, NY) Clear Pond (Franklin county, NY) Clear Pond (Hamilton county, NY) Cod Pond (NY) Connery Pond (NY) Copeland Pond (NY) Crab Pond (Warren, NY) Crane Pond (Essex, NY) Crotched Pond (NY) Dexter Lake (Franklin, NY) Dow Pond (Clinton, NY) Duck Hole (Franklin, NY) Dunmore Lake (Addison, VT) Eagle Lake (Essex, NY) Eagles Nest Pond (NY) Echo Lake (Windsor, VT) Edgecomb Pond (NY) Fairfield Pond (Franklin, VT) Fall Lake (NY) Fawn Lake (Hamilton county, NY) Fern Lake (VT) Fifth Pond (NY) Fish Pond (Franklin, NY) Fleuve Saint Laurent Follensby Clear Pond (NY) Forest Lake (Warren, NY) Forked Lake (Hamilton, NY) Franklin Falls Pond (Franklin, NY) Friends Lake (NY) Glen Lake (VT) Goose Pond (Essex, NY) Goosepuddle Pond (NY) Grass Pond (Franklin county, NY) Green Pond (Franklin, NY) Gull Pond (Essex, NY) Gull Pond (Franklin, NY) Hadlock Pond (NY) Harris Lake (NY) Heart Lake (NY) Heavens Pond (NY) Hidden Pond (Franklin, NY) Hoel Pond (NY) Hour Pond (NY) Howard Pond (Essex, NY) Indian Lake (Franklin county, NY) Indian Lake (Hamilton, NY) Ingraham Pond (NY) Iroquois Lake (Chittenden, VT) Jabe Pond (NY) Kibby Pond (NY) Kiwassa Lake (NY) Lake Bomoseen (Rutland, VT) Lake Clear (Franklin, NY) Lake Colby (Franklin, NY) Lake Colden (NY) Lake Eaton (Hamilton, NY) Lake Flower (NY) Lake George (Warren, NY) Lake Hortonia (Rutland, VT) Lake Kushaqua (NY) Lake Ozonia (NY) Lake Placid (Essex, NY) Lake Pleasant (Hamilton, NY) Lake Saint Catherine (VT) Ledge Pond (Franklin, NY) Lewey Lake (NY) Lincoln Pond (Essex, NY) Line Pond (Franklin, NY) Little Long Pond (Franklin, NY) Little Moose Pond (NY) Little Pond (Essex, NY) Little Rock Pond (VT) Little Simon Pond (NY) Livingston Pond (Essex, NY) Long Lake (Hamilton, Essex, NY) Long Pond (Franklin, NY) Long Pond (Hamilton, NY) Loon Lake (Warren, NY) Lower Cascade Lake (Essex, NY) Lower Chateaugay Lake (NY) Lower Pond (Essex, NY) Lower Pond (Hamilton, NY) Lower Saint Regis Lake (NY) Lower Saranac Lake (NY) Lydia Pond (NY) Mason Lake (NY) Mcbride Pond (NY) Meacham Lake (NY) Meadow Pond (NY) Metcalf Pond (Franklin, VT) Middle Saranac Lake (NY) Military Pond (Clinton, NY) Mirror Lake (Essex, NY) Mohegan Lake (Hamilton, NY) Moose Pond (Essex, NY) Mountain Pond (Franklin, NY) Munson Pond (Essex, NY) Nate Pond (NY) Nebo Lake (Washington, NY) New Lake (NY) Newcomb Lake (NY) Newport Pond (NY) North Pond (Essex, NY) Oliver Pond (NY) Oregon Pond (NY) Oseetah Lake (NY) Osgood Pond (NY) Otter Lake (Hamilton, NY) Owen Pond (NY) Oxbow Lake (Hamilton county, NY) Palmer Pond (Warren, NY) Paradox Lake (NY) Pharaoh Lake (NY) Piercefield Flow (Franklin, NY) Pine Lake (Hamilton, Essex, NY) Pine Lake (Washington, NY) Pine Mountain Pond (NY) Pine Pond (Franklin, NY) Pine Pond (Hamilton, NY) Piseco Lake (NY) Pole Hill Pond (NY) Polliwog Pond (Franklin, NY) Puffer Pond (NY) Putnam Pond (NY) Rainbow Lake (Franklin, NY) Rankin Pond (NY) Raquette Lake (NY) Rescue Lake (Windsor, VT) River Pond (NY) Rock Pond (Essex county, NY) Rockport Pond (NY) Roiley Pond (NY) Rollins Pond (NY) Ross Pond (NY) Round Pond (Essex, NY) Round Pond (Hamilton county, NY) Sacandaga Lake (NY) Saint Regis Pond (NY) Salmon Pond (NY) Sampson Lake (NY) Sand Pond (Essex, NY) Schroon Lake (Warren, Essex, NY) Second Lake (Essex county, NY) Second Pond (Franklin county, NY) Second Pond (Hamilton, NY) Second Pond (Warren county, NY) Shelburne Pond (VT) Sheltered Lakes (NY) Sherman Lake (Essex, NY) Siamese Ponds (Warren, NY) Silver Lake (Addison, VT) Silver Lake (Windsor, VT) Slush Pond (Clinton, NY) Sly Pond (Washington, NY) Smith Pond (Warren, NY) South Pond (Hamilton, NY) Spectacle Pond (Essex, NY) Sprague Pond (NY) Spring Lake (VT) Spy Lake (NY) Square Pond (Franklin county, NY) Square Pond (Franklin, NY) Star Lake (Rutland, VT) Sterling Pond (VT) Stony Pond (Essex, NY) Sunrise Lake (Addison, VT) Sunset Lake (Addison, VT) Third Lake (Essex county, NY) Thirteenth Lake (NY) Thurman Pond (NY) Triangle Pond (Essex, NY) Trout Lake (Warren county, NY) Trout Pond (Essex county, NY) Tupper Lake (NY) Union Falls Pond (Franklin, NY) Upper Cascade Lake (Essex, NY) Upper Chateaugay Lake (NY) Upper Moose Pond (NY) Upper Saint Regis Lake (NY) Upper Saranac Lake (NY) Valentine Pond (NY) Vanderwhacker Pond (NY) Whey Pond (NY) Wilcox Lake (NY) Winona Lake (VT) Wolf Pond (Essex county, NY) Woodward Reservoir (Windsor, VT)
Rivers (40)
Seas, Oceans (7)
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